John C Tilly 1837 – 1864

John C Tilly was born April 27, 1837, in North Carolina.  In the 1860 census, he is listed as living in Taylorsville at Shoan’s XRoads.  He was a carpenter, and had wife Elizabeth, and children Mary H age 2, and Albert, age 10 months.  Elizabeth died shortly after, and July 29, 1861, John married Francis C Speer. They had twin sons born in 1864. The History of the 13th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry 1903 C Regiment reported his death. John Tilly, a citizen of Little Doe, Johnson County, Tennessee, was killed in the early days of 1864 by a gang of rebel marauders led by a man named William Parker.  It was rumored that he had been away from home somewhere.  He was a scouter and had come home to visit a sick child, one of his infant twin sons.  The rovers here in quest of booty and plunder did not know anything about him, but they stole upon him in some way and captured him.  The gang parlied with themselves who should shoot him.  The identical circumstances are not precisely known, he was killed without charges or provocation in front of his wife and children.  Infant son William died, but sons John and Albert, and daughter Mary were part of the western migration, eventually ending up in Oregon and Washington.


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