André Martin and Archange Cloutier m 13 November 1838

André Martin was born 9 April 1800 in Lauzon, and Archange Cloutier was born 15 March 1827 in Blainville.  They were married on 13 November 1838, in Ste-Claire, Dorchester, Quebec.  The parish of Ste-Clair is located on territory granted to Louis Jolliet, discoverer of the Mississippi, but it remained undeveloped for nearly a century after his death in 1699.  Colonization began about 1793, and the owner at that time named the area in memory of Claire, wife of Louis Jolliet.  In 1809, the residents were given a field of nine square acres to build a chapel.  Ste-Claire became the first Catholic parish to be recognized by the British Crown after the conquest of Canada.  André and Archange had at least 11 children, including Marie-Célina who married Joseph Genest-dit-LaBarre.  By 1856, the family was living in Wotton.  In 1861, the family lived in St-Camile on the farm next to Joseph LaBarre, who by then was married to Marie-Célina.  The couple’s last child was born in 1863 in Wotton, and I have not been able to find further records for André and Archange.


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