Frank Chester Hodges & Barbara Brooks Smyth m 16 Nov 1946

Frank Chester “Chet” Hodges was born 9 July 1904, in Lynn MA.  He was the second son of Frank D and Josie (Smith) Hodges.  In 1910, he was with the family, living in Lynn.   In 1920, he lived in Nashua with his brother Frederick “Don”, their mother Josie, and aunt Etha.  In 1923, he was a clerk in Nashua, boarding with the rest of the family at 12 Prescott. 

In 1931, he was living with Roland in Bridgeport CT, working as a draftsman at UEF Co.  The 1933 city directory indicates that he moved to Detroit, MI.  His niece remembers that he liked to make dandelion wine, and the girls would pick the flowers for him.  Chester served in the US Naval Reserve.  During the war, he was unable to buy his dress white shirts, and Lillian volunteered Evelyn to make the dress white shirts for him.  It was a chore!  His later occupation was architectural designer.

Chet married Barbara Brooks Smyth on 16 Nov 1946 in Brigham, MA.  He was a resident of Nashua, and worked in the old rubber store., but died 25 June 1948 in a hospital in Boston after a long illness.  Chet’s brother Albert was administrator of the estate.  His obituary did not list his widow.  There is a Barbara Hodges, who was born 27 January 1907, and died in January 1972 in Scituate, MA.  I am not sure if this is the right person, but would like to know what happened to her.


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