Thomas Newhall born 18 November 1653

Thomas Newhall was born 18 November, 1653 in Lynn, MA, son of Thomas Newhall and Elizabeth Potter.  Tradition and lore say that the elder Thomas was the first white child born in the community of Lynn.   Thomas the younger married Rebecca Green on 11 November 1674 in Malden. He was a weaver and husbandman (a farmer with animals) living on a 60-acre farm in Malden.  

He was a lieutenant in King Philip’s war, also known as Metacom’s Rebellion, an armed conflict between Native American’s in southern New England, and the English colonists from 1675 to 1678.  The war was named after the main leader, Metacom, known to the English as “King Philip”.  Estimates are that about 1.5% of English colonists and 15% of Native Americans were killed.  Proportionately, it was one of the bloodiest wars in North America, as more than half of the towns were assaulted.  The war helped develop the American identity as the colonists began to see themselves as separate from subjects of the English crown.  

Newell served as a selectman of Malden in 1700, 1701, and 1712. As such, he would have served as part of an elected board to transact the business of the town.  

Newell died 13 July 1728 and is buried in the at Bell Rock Cemetery at Malden.  A photo of his headstone is available at Find-A-Grave.  Newhall is in the Jones family tree, but may also be a Hodges ancestor, as there is a George Newell (sometimes seen as Newhall) born about 1776, whose ancestry is still waiting to be discovered.


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