Pierre Genest dit LaBarre m Marie-Louise Manseau 22 Nov 1831

Pierre was born 2 Feb 1805 in Bécancour, Québec.  Marie-Louse was born 12 June 1811 in Baie du Febvre.  They were married 22 Nov 1831 in St-Frederic, Drummondville, Québec.  Their eldest son was Joseph, the Labor ancestor who moved to Vermont.  Pierre was a farmer.  The family grew up in the parish of St-Camille, in Wolfe County.   In the early 1850s, 12 families lived there.  It appears that the 1851 census for the area no longer exists. 

The French tradition of wives keeping their married names helped in tracing these ancestors.  In 1861, the family was in St-Camille with their children.  Their married offspring either lived with them or nearby.

In 1871, Pierre and Louise lived in St-Camille with daughters Louisa and Solomé.  Also in the family were grandsons Louis and Theóphile (Frank T) Labor, sons of Joseph.  Marcel was not there, so perhaps he was with Joseph and second wife Lydia.   

Pierre died in 1876, before the  church was built in 1880.  The town was built on an economy of farming, the milk industry, and the trade of wood.  St-Camille was a post village with a Catholic church, two saw mills, a grist mill, and two stores.  The population was 800. 

In 1881, the widow Marie Labor lived in St-Camille.  Her occupation was listed as “farmer”. In 1891, she was listed as Marie Labarre, head of household, Roman Catholic, and French Canadian. 

Marie-Louise died in 1895 and was buried in the parish cemetery.  It is likely that our ancestors used wooden crosses.  In a trip to Québec, we did not find a single headstone to mark the passing of our ancestors. 



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