Ebenezer Richardson b 25 November 1751

Ebenezer Richardson was born 25 November 1751 in Townsend, MA, son of Hezekiah and Elizabeth Richardson. As an adult, he was described as 6’3″, dark complexion, and black hair.  By 1771, Ebenezer was living in Maine, one of the first settlers of Canaan.  With his brothers, they settled on what was called “the million acre lot”, which was on both sides of the Kennebec River.

Ebenezer married Catherine (Tufts) Wyman on 12 Dec 1776. 

During the Revolutionary war, Ebenezer enlisted on Jan 20, 1777, and, served in the Massachusetts Militia and Continental as corporal in Capt. Samuel Foster’s company, Col. John Greaton’s 3rd Massachusetts regiment.  In 1780 he was appointed sergeant. He was in the military service of his country three years.  He was at the surrender of Cornwallis October, 1781. 

Catherine died, and after the war, he returned to Maine, In 1785, he was at Canaan.  Ebenezer married Jerusha Dodge on 13 Apr 1789 in Canaan, ME.  In 1800, the family lived in Portland, ME.   In 1810, the family was in Mount Vernon, ME.  (A hundred years later, his grandson Daniel was in Mount Vernon, NH.)

Ebenezer died 5 Jun 1810. His widow applied for a pension 7 Sep 1838 when living in Somerset Co ME, aged 76. Jerusha declared that Ebenezer had been at the Battle of Bunker Hill and that he was sent to Quebec with General Arnold.   When their provisions failed them, they were sent back.  He enlisted again for three years, and did serve until the close of the war.  She declared that he was honorably discharged at or near West Point.  She had none of his military documentation, but offered to name witnesses who knew that her husband was a Revolutionary soldier and served during the war.  Jerusha did qualify for Ebenezer’s pension, an amount of $120 per year. 

Ebenezer and Jerusha are buried at the New North Portland Cemetery.


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