Robert Burnap baptized 28 November 1627

Robert is an ancestor of Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of Tarzan, and of both my husband and I. 

Robert Burnap, son of Robert Burnap was born in Hoddesdon,  England about 1626-8.  Hoddeson was a coaching stop on the route from Cambridge to London.  The chapel was a “chapel of ease” – a place for travelers to stop when they couldn’t reach a more established church.  The chapel of Robert Burnap’s time was replaced in the mid 1700’s.  He married (first) about 1651, Ann , who died 1661. He married (second), May 28. 1662, Sarah Browne. He was a very prominent man in Reading.  Robert’s home was on the property of his father.  When the elder Robert died, he bequeathed that land to Robert, as well as “ye cupboard in ye parlour” to Sarah.  Robert and his half-brother Thomas were executors of Robert senior’s will.  

 From Burnap-Burnet Genealogy, by Henry Belknap:

Robert Burnap, who was baptized at Hodsden Chapel, 28 November, 1627, came to New England with his father at the age of 11 years, and before 1658, had married a wife Ann, by whom he had at least five children.  She died 25 June 1661, in Reading, and he married, as Robert Burnhap, junior, 28 May 1662, Sarah, sister of John “of the Hill” Brown or Broune.  In 1655 he was chosen to keep the Pound, and is to have 2d. for every head he turns the key upon.  The same year “the meddow land from Jeremiah Swayne’s meddow downe below the falls was divided by lott amoung the setters,’ and his name is among those added to earlier divisions.  In 1665 he was sealer of weights and measures, and in 1670-2, 1674-5, 1677-8, 1681, 1693 and 1694 he was selectman.  In 1692, in the minister’s rates he stands at £1 : 5 : 3, which used to show the relative pecuniary reputation of the inhabitants.  It was probably he who became a freeman on 18 April 1695, and 16 November, 1697 he was a witness to the will of John Upton of Reading, and land formerly his is mentioned in the will.

In Middlesex Land Records, vol. xiv, p 70 is a deed of Robert Burnap of Reading, husbandman, consideration 40/, to Thomas Taylor, husbandman, of land on north side of Ipswich River, 5 Dec., 1695. Witness Joseph Burnhap, John Dix, Joseph Hodgeman.  Acknowledged 2 June 1703, by Sarah Burnap executrix.  He died 18 October 1695


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