Ebenezer Lord b 1 December 1765

Ebenezer Lord was born 1 December 1765.  His first wife was Lydia Caldwell.  After Lydia died, he married her sister Mary.  He died from a fall.   His tombstone in Old North Burying Ground says Erected in Memory of Mr. Ebenezer Lord who died Nov 24, 1843, Aged 78 And his wife, Mrs. Lydia Lord, who died Aug 12, 1808, Aged 34. There’s no mention of his second wife Mary.  Other than the basic BMD’s, I have no stories of interest about Ebenezer.  However, his second cousin once removed, Lucy Lord, may have the most visited home in our entire family!

Lucy Lord married Josiah Caldwell, my first cousin seven times removed.  The house they bought in 1822 was already 50 years old.  They were active abolitionists and held anti-slavery meetings in the home.  For about 200 years, the house stood at 16 Elm Street in the center of Ipswich.  In 1963, the house was vacant and due to be destroyed.  Efforts of citizens of Ipswich saved the building, and it was removed to the National Museum of American History in Washington DC.  The house, a 2 ½ story Georgian, was rebuilt inside the museum, and various rooms are restored to show various eras.  The exhibit tells the story of some of the occupants, including Abraham Choate who built it in the 1760’s, Abraham Dodge who fought at the battle of Bunker Hill, our cousins Josiah and Lucy (Lord) Caldwell who hosted meetings of the Ipswich  Female Anti-Slavery Society in the home, Catherine Lynch, part of the Irish immigration, and Mary Scott who had a Liberty garden during WWII. 

If you can’t make the trip to DC, you can learn more about the house at http://americanhistory.si.edu/house/home.asp

I visited the museum a couple years ago, and didn’t know ahead of time about this display, called Within These Walls.  It was very touching to see the old maps on the wall with names of the ancestors, and to see the owners’ names and recognize that they must be distant cousins.  I could picture the Smith ancestors in this type of setting.


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