Ebenezer Parkhurst b 2 Dec 1671

The name of Parkhurst first appeared in Chelmsford in 1658, and the family is one of the most numerously represented today. Joseph, from Watertown, was the founder here. He married Mary Read, and settled on his share of the “New Field.” He was succeeded by his son Ebenezer, who was born on 2 December 1671 in Chelmsford.

Ebenezer served on a coroner’s jury on 29 June, 1690: 

CHELMSFORD, 29 June, 1690.

We whos names are under writen being caled by the Constable of Chelmsford to give in our verdect conserning one Elias Keyes of Sudbury who was taken up dead in Merrimac River we find yt he was padeling on said river in a small canoe, the streame being strong and the wind very high; he was turned into the water & a person taking hould of him after much striving to preserve life; wear both by the provedence of God drownded: & said Keyes was taken up about ten or eleven days after they were drownded, as witness out hands.

Corporall Edward Colbourn, Bennoni More,

Mr. Nathaniel Howard, Joseph Wright

Eliazar Brown, Ebenezer Essetight

John Sheple, Ebenezer Parkhurst

John Walker, Samuel Spaulding

Thomas Colbourn, Joseph Parham.

Ebenezer married Mary about 1695. The record of this marriage is yet to be found but he appears to have lived all his life in Chelmsford, so he was probably married there or in one of the surrounding towns.  Among their six children was our ancestor Jonathan, who was born in 1701. After Mary died, Ebenezer Parkhurst and Sarah French announced their intention to marry in December 1733 in Chelmsford, MA. She was the daughter of daughter of Samuel French and Sarah Cummings.  He died on 9 November 1745 in Chelmsford, MA at age 73. 

Ebenezer’s home in Chelmsford was called “Owl’s Nest” because of the numerous owls that nested in nearby trees. The present house on that property was built by Andrew and John Parkhurst in 1804, on land from the original Parkhurst grant. This house is located at 16 Parkhurst Road, Chelmsford, MA.


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