Albert Warren Hodges b 4 December 1902

Albert Hodges was born 4 Dec 1902 in Lynn, MA.  All of Josie’s sons were called by their middle names.  Albert’s birth record shows an amendment made 17 Mar 1937. It appears he was originally named Frank Albert, (for his own father, and for the uncle who raised her) then amended to Albert Warren. Albert’s mother’s ancestry goes back to the earliest settlers of Massachusetts.  His father’s ancestry is Irish via Nova Scotia, and Loyalists of Dutch American descent.  Located 11 miles north of Boston, the town of Lynn dates back to 1629, It was the site of the first tannery in America, and the first air mail delivery in New England. 

After Albert’s father died in 1919, Albert had to quit school and go to work to support the family. An “uncle” Boardman S. Hodges, invited Albert to go out west and work for him, but he didn’t go.  (Boardman, his great uncle, had a stock ranch in Ellendale ND, and a shoe and clothing store in town.) 

One of Albert’s jobs as a young man was working on a turkey farm owned by Charles Fields, in Merrimack.  In 1920 there is an Elmer Fields, next to Charles Haynes which might be where he boarded, but I haven’t been able to find him in the 1920 census. 

Albert married Lillian Richardson in 1927. His brother Donald and her sister Mary stood up with them. The marriage record lists Albert as a resident of Reeds Ferry.  In 1929, Albert and Lillian lived at 124 Knapps Highway in Bridgeport CT.  Albert was a machinist for Springfield Manufacturing Company.  Roland lived with Albert.

In 1930, Albert and Lillian lived with her father in Milford.  Also in the family were daughters Ruth and Evelyn, and Lillian’s sisters Olive and Ruth. 

Starting in the 1930’s Albert kept a diary. He describes the extended family as having scarlet fever, and describes his efforts to find work during the Depression.  He refers to his car as Lizzie and it appears she gave him quite a few problems.  The diary covers the arrival of his third daughter.  Many entries refer to his brothers-in-law Ralph and Nellie, to Mr. Richardson (his father-in-law) and to Uncle Charles and Aunt Hattie (Will Richardson’s sister.)   It appears that the Richardson family was close during these times. 

In 1935, Albert began work as a third class machinist at the Portsmouth Navy Yard. NH directories of 1936-1938 list Albert Hodges, machinist, at 144 Raleigh Way, in the Atlantic Heights neighborhood. During World War II, Albert built submarines.  1947 Greenland directory still shows him as working at the shipyard. Later, Albert was laid off from the Kittery shipyard, and the family went to Mont Vernon, and lived in the house next to the library.

Albert was active in the Grange, and in 1948 was awarded the Order of Flora from the national Grange. 

In 1949, he worked in Newmarket, with a house off Highland avenue.  The 1958 Greenland city directory lists Albert as a machine operator, with the family living on Rolston Avenue in Greenland.   

By 1964, the Laconia (rural) city directory showed Albert Hodges as having a residence at 116 Dr. True Road Sanborn HN. This was the Winnesquam camp which hosted many weekends of guests, including some or all of the nine grandchildren. 

Albert and Lillian also had a small home in Fallbrook CA, near her brother Scott and sister Ruth.  After their retirement, they traveled alone or with other friends, visiting friends and relatives around the country.

Albert died in 1988.



  1. Evelyn Laber said,

    December 4, 2010 at 12:20

    Nice summary. I have always had his birthday on Dec. 4th though. By 1949 they had the house on Rolston “Ave.” and I have my doubts that they ever lived in Newmarket although I think he did work there for a short while.

  2. Evelyn Laber said,

    December 4, 2010 at 14:54

    We always called it Rolston Ave. (rather than Rd.) but I guess that is trivial.

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