Daniel Blood, a Brick Wall

A genealogical brick wall – the end of the line back – a place to bang my head.  Large or small problems.  One of the first recommendations for solving the problem is to go back through everything already collected relating to the ancestor in question. 

The best guess to Daniel Blood’s origins may come from the death record of his son Edwin B Blood.  The deaths registered in Plainfield NH for the year 1897 list Edwin’s parents as Daniel Blood and Mehitable Williams, with Daniel’s birthplace listed as Boston. On the other hand, the death record of son George lists his father as born in Plainfield.  Which is more credible?  Edwin died earlier.  Were more people still living then who better knew the father’s place of origin?  As to his year of birth, I have not been able to find him in any census record.  There are lots of Daniel Bloods, even lots of Daniel F Bloods, but none that I can be sure are him.  His wife was born in 1799, his first known child, son Edwin, was born in 1830.

I searched revolutionary war records for “Blood” looking for someone listing a son Daniel F.  Still no luck.

How do we know Daniel F Blood married Mehitable Williams?  They are listed as parents of Edwin B and George W, in the Plainfield vital records which were indexed and are on file at the Plainfield library.  The middle initial is listed as “T” rather than “F” but that is an understandable error in transcription.  (This index also includes Mary E Blood marrying George Blood – this is actually George Hayes.  They made the same mistake I do – mixing up the names of her husband and her father.) 

Daniel may have died before 1850, as I have found family members living in various locations. Mehitable was living with the Sanborn Davis family.  Edwin was in the Plainfield poor house. Alice was living in the William Demming family in Cornish.  I haven’t found the sons George or Daniel. 

Mehitable Williams Blood married Joel Royce in 1852.  Was she divorced or widowed? 

Well, I have gone through all my notes for Daniel, his wife, and his four known children.  I am no closer to finding out Daniels parents or place of origin.  However, I did stumble upon previously overlooked records relating to another ancestor, and a previously unknown child in the family.  So I’m off to track that down. If anything comes of it, the results may become a future posting.


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