Nicholas Jones m Catherine Trinche Ditmars 11 Dec 1788

Nicholas Jones’ ancestors were from Wales, and settled in New Jersey.  Nicholas emigrated from New Jersey to Clementsport, Nova Scotia at the end of the American Revolution.  He was a Loyalist, and was listed in the muster roll record, a type of census of discharged and disbanded soldiers, taken in Annapolis County in June 1784. 

Nicholas married Catherine Trinche Ditmars on 11 Dec 1788, at Clementsport.  Catharine descended from several generations of men named Douwe Ditmars, whose ancestors came from Ditmarschen, a self-governing independent territory in the Holstein area of southern Denmark and northern Germany.

Nicholas and Catherine had 12 children, including a daughter Catherine who married John Ditmars Vroom.

Nicholas was listed as an original grantee and a tax-paying resident of Clementsport in 1791. 

In the 1827 census for Annapolis County, Clements Township, Nicholas Jones is listed as a farmer, a member of the Church of England and as having a household of seven males and five females for a total of 12.  There had been one birth in the family in the previous year.

In the 1838 census for Clements Township, Nicholas Jones is listed as a farmer with a total of four in his household:  one male and two females aged over 14 years plus himself.

Nicholas Jones died in 1850, at age 87.  Catherine, his widow, died in 1854, at the age of 84.


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