Dorcas Dimmick d 15 December 1865

Dorcas Dimmick was born 18 January 1790, in Sullivan, NH, daughter of Timothy and Sarah (Beals) Dimmick.   On 13 September, 1809, she married Philip Proctor. They had six children in Sullivan, then moved to Rutland VT where they had two more.  One child died at age 13 in Rutland.  A daughter was killed by jumping from a window, while living and working at the mills in Lowell, MA. 

In 1850, Dorcas lived with her son Willard Proctor and his family, in Rutland.   This census did not list the marital status, so I’m not sure if she was a widow by then.  The family moved west, and in 1860, she was with Willard’s family in New Rutland, IL.   Dorcas’s death date and location was a mystery for a long time, but was resolved thanks to the person who put her headstone on Find-A-Grave.  She died 15 Dec, 1865, in Rutland, IL.

Dorcas is an example of how errors are copied and promulgated when incorrect information is posted on a single Internet page.  At some point, someone interpreted her name as “Dinnich”.  It is easy to see how that might have been transcribed incorrectly from hand-written “Dimick”.  That name has a variety of spellings, Dimmick, Dimmock, Dimmack. Two “m” or one.  But never Dinnich, especially since the father’s name is Dimmick.  But it is out there, wrong.  And copied and posted even more. 

The other error is that there is another Dorcas Proctor who died in Knoxville, Illinois in 1878, and some people have jumped to the conclusion that this is the same person.  This other one is Dorcas (Keay) Seaver Proctor. 

Both ladies named Dorcas Proctor are on Find-A-Grave. However, only one, the correct one, says that she is the wife of Philip.   A history of Ford County, which includes a section on Willard Proctor, implies that Philip Proctor is also buried at the same cemetery in Rutland, IL.


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