Four-Legged Family Members

Reviewing the old family photos, it has been interesting to see how often the four-legged family members are included.  Whether it is Frank T or Frank D showing off their farm horses, the young men with their hunting dogs, or the family cats and dogs held or nearby their people, the heritage of appreciating the animals for their service or companionship is documented in the pictures. I’ve found kitties dressed up and held by little girls with doll carriages.  Uncles are posed with their hounds.  We know that horses, being herd animals, tend to buddy up.  I suspect that Jim and Nelly (Frank D’s team) were probably pasture buddies as well as work partners.  I know that our horses were bonded, as they were always together in the field.  Windy was definitely in love with tall, bay, and handsome Barney. 

Last night, at about 2:30, I let one of the dogs out for a quick visit to the yard.  The full moon on the snow made it very light.  Barney was pacing along the fence, and he whinnied.  But not for me.  He’s missing Windy, who died yesterday, of colic, at age 26.  He still has the burros for company, but it won’t be the same for him.  The pasture is a bit emptier for us, too.


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