William Johnson b 26 December 1820

William Johnson was born 26 December 1820 in Rockingham, VT.  I have not identified his parents.  In 1820, there were five Johnson households in Rockingham:  Betsey, Joshua, Philanthropy, Robert A, and Robert A Johnson Junior.  If the traditionally believed date and location are correct, his parents should be in one of the above–listed households.

William would likely have been with his parents in the 1830 and 1840 census. William married Lorette Proctor, daughter of Philip and Dorcas (Dimmick) Proctor in Rutland VT on 7 February 1844.  By 1850, the family, which now included five children, was living in Sandgate, VT.  William’s farm was valued at $600.

About 1853, William and Lorette moved west, and in 1855 had a land grant in near Morrison in Whiteside County IL.  Whiteside County was established on January 16, 1836 and named for Samuel Whiteside, a Colonel of the Territorial militia, Representative in the First General Assembly, and Brigadier General of the militia during the Black Hawk War. Whiteside’s boundaries have changed during the State’s history.

In 1860, the family was making its home in Lyndon, IL.  His real estate was valued at $1280 and his personal property at $225.  In 1862, he was a town supervisor in Hahnaman, IL and the family is listed in the 1865 state census there, with livestock valued at $560 and grain products valued at $250.  He was listed there in 1870 with a farm valued at $2500 and personal property at $1050. 

By 1880, only the youngest daughter was still at home.  The household included a servant who worked on the farm.  They were listed at the same location in the 1885 state census.  Lorette died in 1885, and is buried at Coloma cemetery.

William lived with various children, and was in the 1900 census, living in Rock Falls, Illinois, with daughter Lilly Gay Johnson Thome and her family. That was the last census William was alive.  William and Lorette are buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery.

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