John Ditmars Vroom m Catherine Jones 27 December, 1838

John Ditmars Vroom was born in 1811 in Clementsport, Nova Scotia, He was the first son, and one of ten children, of Henry and Abigail (Ditmars) Vroom.  Catherine Jones was born 3 October 1810, also in Clementsport, She was the 11th of 12 children of Nicholas and Catherine (Ditmars) Jones.  The Ditmars and Vroom families were of Dutch descent, Loyalists in the American Revolution, who moved from New York and New Jersey to Nova Scotia. The Jones family was Welsh.

Catherine and Ditmars, as he was known, were married 27 December 1838, in Clementsport.  While many Vroom families stayed in the Clemensport area, Henry’s family moved up the Annapolis Valley to the areas of Wilmot and Middleton.  Catherine and Ditmars’ first daughter Abigail was baptized 9 March 1840, in Wilmot.  Their second daughter Henrietta Jane Vroom was born 21 Jan, 1846, also in Wilmot. 

Ditmars died at age 36, on 12 June 1847, in Middleton.  His sister, Jane Vroom Wheelock, whose diary survives, wrote:  p. 21 –  1847 – Death has again entered our family and taken our brother Ditmars, a great sufferer he has been the last three years of his life, he died Saturday, June the 12th was burried Monday 14th  Mr. Barratt preached his funeral sermon from Rev. 2, 10…

I have not found a formal record of Ditmars’ funeral.  However, Jane recorded that 28 July, 1857, her sister Harriet died of breast cancer, and she was laid to rest by the side of her Father and Brother at Wilmot.  Their father Henry Vroom is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery.  His daughter Harriet is buried near him.  She shares a marker with her husband Calvin Wheelock, and Jane, the author of the diary, who married Calvin Wheelock after her sister Harriet died. Two Vroom brothers predeceased Harriet – Adophus Wesley Vroom who is buried in Old St. Edwards, Clementsport, and John Ditmars Vroom.  He is probably the “brother” buried with Henry and Harriet, at Pine Grove.  There are unmarked spaces between Henry and the Wheelock lot, which probably hold Abigail and her son John Ditmars Vroom.

On 12 December 1854, Catherine married widower Thomas A Roland, a farmer of Factorydale (by Morristown). This is to certify that Thomas Rowland of the Township of Wilmot, County of Annapolis, and Province of Nova Scotia, widower, and Catherine Vroom, of the Township, County, and Province aforesaid, widow, by the authorization of banns, this twelvth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and fifty four, by me, C. Lockhart, Wesleyan Minister. In the presence of Arvard Vrome, Jane Vroom.

Thomas had a young son with his first wife, and Catherine had Abigail and Henrietta to raise. Their home was just below the Baptist Church and old cemetery.  The property surrounded the old cemetery on three sides (the road serving as the south side.) 

The 1871 census lists Catherine with Thomas, and his mother Olivia.  The location is given as South Aylesford but this probably is Factorydale.  The household includes Adelia Roland (not known to me) and Thomas’ 88-year-old mother Olivia. 

Catherine is in the 1881 census with Thomas.  After Jonathan Hodges died in Massachusetts, his widow, Catherine’s daughter Henrietta (and children) came back to Nova Scotia to live with Catherine, and they are in the census as well.   

Catherine died 2 December, 1882, and is buried at the old Morristown cemetery.  Thomas married twice more, but is buried with his mother and Catherine in Morristown. His son and grandson developed high-bush blueberry fields and apple orchards that are still adjacent to the cemetery. His great granddaughter Hazel wrote history books and articles, including a history of Morristown.


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