William Hall m Almeda E Waterhouse-Hayes 30 Dec 1849

William Hall was born 13 July 1825 in Hanover, NH, son of William and Charlotte (Chase) Hall.  The 1830 and 1840 censuses of Hanover list  two William Halls.  Since only the heads of households were listed I can’t confirm this, but one of them is probably Williams father.

Almeda E Waterhouse was born 29 June 1832 in Orford, NH, daughter of Benjamin and Fanny (Bartlett) Waterhouse.  She may have been adopted, or merely raised, by Sylvanus and Margaret (Patterson) Hayes.  Birth records for her daughters list her as Almeda Waterhouse. Her marriage record and the death record for daughter Charlotte list her maiden name as Hayes.

William and Almeda were married 30 December, 1849, in Lebanon, NH.  The household in 1850 included William, Almeda, his mother Charlotte, NA Chase, Elizabeth Chase, Daniel Hall, Michael Laughlin, and Abby Pixley.  A son of Dan Fox was brought up by William Hall, was probably aged 14 in 1850 census, called Dan Hall.

By 1860, William and Almeda’s two daughters have been born, named for their two grandmothers, Fanny and Charlotte.  William’s mother is also in the household.  William was a farmer.  His real estate was valued at $3000, and his personal property at $1225.  The 1870 census shows the hall family living near George Hayes, according to the census house numbering.  George is the son of Sylvanus and Margaret Hayes, so Almeda is his adopted sister.  William’s farm property was valued at $5000, and his personal property at $1316. The 1880 census for Hanover shows William and Almeda, with their daughter Fanny and her husband Wright Taylor.  They were five houses from George and his wife Minnie (Blood) Hayes.

George and Minnie were married 21 Nov 1874, and had four children:  a stillborn, Grace, Fredrick who died at age 18 months, and Sadie, born in 1881.  George and Minnie divorced in 1883.  William and Almeda adopted Sadie and renamed her Daisy.

The 1900 census for Lebanon showed William and Almeda Hall with Daisy Hall.  Also in the household are Halls’ widowed daughter Charlotte Kenyon and her son Earl, Edith Fisher, Jenny Puffer, and Ninnie Puffer.  Jenny and Earl married two years later.

By 1910, William and Almeda had moved to Marshfield, MA, and were living with daughter Fannie and her husband Wright Taylor.

William died 30 June 1912 in Lebanon, and Almeda died 4 Jun 1915 in Marshfield MA.  They are buried at the Etna NH cemetery.  Almeda’s recently “discovered” death record is the first place I have seen her birth parents identified.  Her daughter was the person providing the information for the death certificate.

Also on the headstone is Angie Newton Gillis 1865-1915.  I do not know her relationship to the family, but I did find in archived newspapers that she was operating a gas station in Florida, and was murdered.  There should be more to that story!



  1. Roger Laber said,

    December 30, 2010 at 11:48

    I believe Almeda May Labombard, second daughter of Sadie Hayes was named after Almeda Waterhouse.

    • Joyce Barton said,

      November 20, 2017 at 22:27

      I have information about Angie Newton Gillis 1865 – 1929
      She was related to Charlotte Hall Kenyon through the Chase line.
      I have a handwritten letter from Angie to Charlotte dated 6-2-21.
      They have in common the Caleb Chase and spouse Joanna Whitney
      family. M Dec.31,1769 Their 3rd child Abigail was the mother to Angies
      Grandmother. Their 11th child Charlotte was the mother to Charlotte
      Hall Kenyon’s father William Hall.
      My Grandfather William Erle Kenyon is Charlotte Hall Kenyon’s only
      child. J. Barton.

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