Edward (Levine) Royce d 5 January 1968

Edward Lavine was born 12 September, 1882, in Barton VT, the third child of six children Edward E Lavine (Lavigne) and Anne M Laclair.  Edward’s father was institutionalized in a mental hospital, and died there in 1888.  Anne was not able to care for all the children, and some were adopted out and/or raised by other families. 

The 1900 census lists Ed Royce, born September 1882, with his father born in Canada, and his mother born in New Hampshire, which matches the information about Edward Lavigne (although some records say born in Vermont) and Anne LaClair.  He was boarding with the Andrew Wright family, and working as a laborer in a planing mill.  It appears he was counted twice, as there is a an Eddie Royce born September1882 boarding with Charles and Josie Royce of Charleston.

On 6 March 1909, Ed married Blanche Huntoon.  That record lists his parents as Charles Royce and Josephine Boardway, with his place of birth as Barton, and this being his first marriage.

In 1910, Ed and Blanche lived in Charleston VT, where he listed his occupation as dairy farmer. Ed’s World War 1 draft registration card lists his full name as Edward Wentworth Royce, born 12 September 1882.  At that time, he was a farmer living in Brownington VT.  The record describes him as tall, medium build, with blue eyes and brown hair. 

Ed and Blanche had three daughters, Marion Eugenie who married Manford Shoff, Greta Olive who died at age two, and Ruby May who married Howard Hoy.  The 1920 census lists Edward and Blanche with Marion and Ruby, in Charleston VT.  His occupation was farmer.

The 1930 census shows Ed, Blanche, and Ruby living in Charleston.  The occupation appears to be “paper hanging, decorating.” 

Ed registered for WWII in what was called the “old men’s draft”, for men born after April 28, 1877 and on or before February 16, 1897.  He reported that he lived in West Charleston.  His employer was J.A. Racine.  Interestingly, he did not list his wife as the “person who will always know” his address. 

Blanche died in Newport VT on 3 May 1962, and Edward W Royce died 5 January, 1968, in Newport.  His death certificate names his parents as Edward Lavigne and Annie LaClair.  Blanche was buried at West Charleston.  Edward was placed in the Derby VT tomb, but perhaps later in the spring he was moved to West Charleston.


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