Alva Zebert Hodges b 9 January 1880

Alva Zebert Hodges was born 9 January 1880 in Morristown, Nova Scotia, the last of seven children of Willard C and Helen Louise (Banks) Hodges. 

In 1881, the family was listed as living in Morristown (Aylesford South).  Alva was listed as Zebert in this census. This particular census identifies infirmities, and Alva’s father was check-marked under the “deaf and dumb” column.  When Alva was 10 years hold, his father died in a farming accident.  Willard had been building a pole fence and was hit on the head.  He was unconscious for a few days, then woke up, but died a few days later.  Two months after Willard died, Helen also died.

After the death of their parents, the four surviving children lived with friends or relatives. Alvie lived with one of the church deacons (because his father was a deacon).  In 1891, at age 11, he was boarding with his uncle Abram Banks and his grandfather William Banks, in Millville, which is near Morristown.   In 1901, he was boarding with Ralph and Mary Hodges – Mary was Willard’s sister.  His occupation was listed as laborer.

I have not been able to find Alva in the 1911 Canadian census.  The Canadian “Soldiers of the First World War” lists Hodges, Zebret, of Nova Scotia, but the image is missing from the index, so I don’t know if this is the same person.

Alva was remembered as a kindly person.  Alva was ahead of his time, recycling by collecting beer and pop bottles.   He was hit by a car and killed.  He had $1250 in the bank, which paid for his funeral and allowed him to bequeath $550 to less fortunate relatives.  He never married.


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