Charles Otis Hodges b 13 January 1892

Charlie Hodges was born 13 January, 1892, the first of three children of Wesley Hutton and Bertha Lenna (Hodges) Hodges.  He was born in Millville, near Morristown, Nova Scotia. 

In 1901, three generations of Hodges lived together in Millville – nine-year-old Charlie and siblings, his parents Wesley and Bertha, and Wesley’s parents Ralph and Mary.  In 1911, Charlie’s family apparently lived at the same place (same neighbors as listed in the 1901 census.) 

On 25 Jan, 1922, he married Lucy May Uhlman in Aylesford.  He was a farmer, and both the bride and groom could read and write.  They were married at Lucy’s home, and the witnesses were Charlie’s cousin Herbert Hodges and Herbert’s wife Edith.    

Charlie and Lucy had four children.  The first one only lived one day.  The others grew up and had families of their own in the Morristown area. 

Besides being a farmer, Charles was a grave digger.  He dug the last grave in the old Morristown cemetery and the first grave in the new cemetery across the street.  He assisted his father starting at about age 12, and in his later years was assisted by his son Ronald and grandson Brian. He performed that occupation for 78 years.

He was a member of the Kingston IOOF Lodge, 65; a chartered member of Manchester Unity Lodge; a member of the Autumnaires Senior Club. Lucy died in 1980, Charles died 26 Oct 1982, and they are buried at Morristown.

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