Hiram Lauder d 16 January 1963

Hiram Lauder was born 11 October, 1870, in Hillsborough, New Brunswick. He was a carriage maker in Moncton.  Sometime after 1901, he moved west to British Columbia, and in 1911 was a carpenter.   He died 16 January 1963, in British Columbia.   He’s my friend Jan’s great grandfather.  When I helped Jan start her family research, I didn’t know that she and I were related. 

I had already discovered kinship with two other long-time friends.  My friend Linda and I are 8th cousins.  I should have suspected that, since I knew of her Quebec ancestry.  My friend Peggy and I are 9th cousins 3 times removed.  Yes, I do need a computer to figure that out.  We had been discussing family history, and she stated that her brother had researched their family.  Sure enough, we both had the same ancestor, George Reynolds, way back in 1563 in England. 

Meanwhile, back to Jan – her Lauder family in New Brunswick included Lutz, and some of the Lutz tribe moved to Nova Scotia, where they married into the Hodges family.  It turns out that Jan and I share a Lutz cousin currently living in Nova Scotia.  She’s his sixth cousin, and I’m his fifth cousin.  Jan and I are related about six ways, but basically it works out that she is my 4th cousin twice removed of wife of nephew of husband of second great grand aunt. 

What does this all mean?  I have too much time on my hands?  A while back, Ancestry had a promotional activity where they offered to take a small group of friends who were not known to be related, and research the families to see if a connection could be found.  That wasn’t a new idea, as I had already been doing it for a few years.  That’s how I found out that my husband is also my 9th cousin once removed.


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