William Brewster b 24 January 1560

William Brewster was born 24 January 1560. Elder William Brewster came from Scrooby, in north Nottinghamshire and reached what became the Plymouth Colony in the Mayflower in 1620. He was accompanied by his wife, Mary Brewster, and his sons, Love Brewster and Wrestling Brewster. The town of Brewster, Barnstable, MA was incorporated February 19, 1803 and was named for Elder William Brewster, a large part of the inhabitants being his descendants. William Brewster attended Peterhouse College, Cambridge 1580-1583; was postmaster and baliff-receiver at Scrooby, England 1590-1607. He organized the Scrooby congregation 1606-1609; removed his family to Amsterdam and later to Leyden, Holland where he tutored 1609-1616 and was ruling Elder 1616-1619. He was in flight and hiding in England in 1619-1620 while arranging passage for the Sainets to New England. At Plymouth, William was Ruling Elder until 1643. He was also purchaser 1626; Undertaker 1627-1641.

People like to claim having a Mayflower ancestor. However, my link to William is through Elizabeth Brewster who married Thomas Emerson. Some people claim that she is one of William’s daughters, others say that has not been proven, so he may be my 10th great grandfather and one of the ancestors I share with my husband.

Or not.


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