William Patterson Hayes d 26 January 1890

William Hayes was born about 1827 in Orford NH, the first of five children born to Sylvanus and Margaret (Patterson) Hayes.  The 1830 census of Orford lists Sylvanus, and includes a child the correct age to be William.  The family was also listed in the 1840 census as living in Hanover. 

In 1850, the first census that lists all family members, the record shows William living with his parents, and his brother George.  The 1860 census shows the same, and includes Arabella Turner, domestic. William married Arabella on his birthday, 26 January, 1863, in Hanover NH.   

In 1870, William P Hayes, farmer, was the head of the household, which included his wife, daughter, son, parents, and brother George.  The farm was valued at $3000, and William had personal property valued at $830. 

William and Arabella had at least 5 children by 1880.  Margaret “Maggie” died at age 14.  William, Arthur, and Eva all lived to be adults and marry.  The fifth child, Lucy, may have died as a child.

Arabella died 31 March 1882, with cause of death listed as “congestion of liver” which refers to overfullness of blood vessels in the organ.  William died 26 January, 1890, in Hanover.  His cause of death was Bright’s Disease (a form of kidney disease) and pneumonia.  They are buried at Greensboro Cemetery.  Greensboro is a nice small cemetery.  We haven’t been able to find who holds the records for the cemetery, although researcher Gilman Frost has made references to those cemetery records.  It is on my to-do list for a full inventory of existing headstones, for Find-A-Grave, on some future NH visit.


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