Cora Mildred Vroom b 1 Feb 1888

Cora Vroom was born 1 February 1888 in Lynn, MA, the second daughter of Charles A and Ellen (Parker) Vroom.  Charles and Ellen’s first daughter, Eliza, who was born in 1887, only lived a couple day, dying of “convulsions.” Just before Cora turned eight, Ellen died.  I found no record that Charles remarried. 

Charles and Henrietta (Vroom) Hodges were cousins, and Charles and Cora lived with them.  In 1897, Henrietta and Cora traveled from Nova Scotia back to Massachusetts on the ship “Boston”.  The 1900 census shows Charles and Cora living with Henrietta’s family in Lynn MA on Holyoke street. 

A news clipping from1 August 1904 mentions that Miss Cora Vroom of Lynn came to Bridgetown NS to visit the Foster family.  Another news clipping dated 30 August 1909 from Dracut says that Miss Cora Vroom is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank D Hodges in Sladen Street.  This article also accompanied a funeral notice for a small boy, a playmate of Albert and Chester Hodges, as they were mentioned as sending flowers. 

The 1910 census lists Cora living with the Frank Hodges family, including his sister Etha, in Lynn.  Cora worked as a stenographer at a hardware company.  Etha worked as an accountant at a hardware company – perhaps they worked at the same place.

Cora, 26, of 98 Park street married Harry Forrest Doe, 39, on 20 July 1914 in Lynn. This was first marriage for both.  Harry was a machinist and Cora listed as a clerk.  I found no record of any children for them.  In 1916, Cora Vroom Doe served as recording secretary for Maple Lodge #58, at 66 Rand street.   This group seems to be part of the United Order of Independant Odd Ladies – the women’s version of Independent Order of Odd Fellows – IOOF.

The 1920 Federal Census lists Harry and Cora living at 114 Western, in Lynn.  Cora did not work outside the home.  Harry was a clerk in a factory. 

Cora died 30 January 1921, just two days short of her 33 birthday.  I did not find a death record for her, so don’t know the cause of death, but her passing was documented in the Lynn city directory for that year.  Harry Doe, age 50, remarried, to Edith Edna Jessop, age 29, in Lynn, about 1925.  Harry died in 1958, Edith in 1978.  They and Cora are all buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn.


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