Henry Vroom d 3 February 1846

Henry Vroom was born 4 August 1786, the third of seven children of John and Jane (Vroom) Vroom.  His parents were first cousins.  The Vroom family were Loyalists of Dutch descent who moved from New Jersey to Nova Scotia and settled in the Annapolis, Nova Scotia area. 

Henry married Abigail Ditmars in 1808.  They had ten children.  Most stayed in the Annapolis Valley, although two sons eventually moved to Ohio, and one son, a ship captain, died on his way home from the California gold rush. 

The Annapolis fire department history says the following, regarding the 1831 term:  It is ordered by the court that the following persons be and they are hereby appointed fire engine men for the town of Annapolis Royal for one year: James Roach, Captain, James Journey, John Spurr, Peter LeCain, Henry Vroom, Sam Cowling, Clerk of the Peace. 

Henry died 3 February 1846 in Middleton, NS.  His daughter Jane recorded the event in her diary:  7th Saturday my dear Father was buried, he had but 2 days sickness.  Mr. Barratt preached his funeral sermon in the Baptist Chapel, Pine Grove, from Isaiah 38, 1 “Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die and not live.”  Mr. Smithson gave an exhortation and Mr. Bill prayed. There was a very large solemn assembly, a solemn day indeed, death has entered our family, the Lord only knows who next shall be called, may the Lord help us each to prepare that our end may be peace, as was our dear Fathers.

An abstract from his will, dated 31 Jan 1846, confirms the members of his family. Henry Vroom of Wilmot, yeoman.  Wife:  Abigail.  Children:  John Ditmars Vroom, Avard Vroom, Henniger Vroom, and Jane Vroom.  @ page 50, probated granted to A.W.Vroom, Jeremiah Vroom, and Avard Vroom, 16 Feb 1846. Estate Folio V4 (1846).

Henry was buried at Pine Grove cemetery in Middleton.  His headstone says: Sacred to the memory of Henry Vroom who died Feb 3, 1846 in the 59th year of his age.


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