Katherine Isabel Stephens d 6 February 1981

The Lebanon NH city report says that Isabelle Katherine was born 21 March, 1905, the fifth child of Henry T and Julia F (Rahn) Stephens.  Her parents were from New York, and her father’s occupation was “boss knitter.”  The 1910 census shows the family living in Lebanon.    

The 1920 Census lists this family as “Adams”, in Los Angeles, but has all the correct names and birth places to be the Stephens family.  This is an error, but I don’t know if the census taker made the error, or if for some reason, the family gave the wrong name. 

Katherine, known as Kay, married Wilmer Laber sometime after the 1920 census was taken.  They were listed together in the 1926 California voter register list in the Laguna Precinct.  They declined to state their political affiliation.  They lived at 334 McBride Avenue.  Isabel K was a housewife, and Wilmer E Laber was a conductor.  Wilmer died in 1929. 

Wilmer’s brother Frank and friend Harry Ryan helped Kathryn move back to Lebanon.  She and Harry had twin daughters, born in 1931.  Kathryn moved back to California, on 30 May, 1933, married William H Danley.  She is listed in the 1934 Voter Registration – Los Angeles County Danley, Mrs. Kathryn I, 2814 Fruitland rd, operator, D.  Her mother lived here also, from 1922-1934.  Kathryn was listed at this address in voter lists through 1938.  She was listed as a machine operator.  I do not know if Danley died or they were divorced, but on 2 Jun 1937, Kay married Frederick O Debrow. 

In 1940, Kay was living with her brother Rudolph and his son in Vernon, part of Los Angeles.  She was listed as married, but Frederick was not living with her, and I have found no more records about him.  By 1942, she lived at 347 1/2 W 67th.  I have not yet been able to find the first name for either of these husbands. 

Kathryn died 6 February 1981 in Los Angeles.  She is buried as Kathryn Laber, next to Wilmer, at Forest Lawn, in Glendale.

While doing research on line, I “met” a man who turned out to be Harry Ryan’s son from a subsequent marriage.  He was not aware of Kathryn, but has since connected up with her surviving twin daughter, his half sister. He ordered, and shared, a copy of her death certificate. He also very kindly went to the Forest Lawn Cemetery and took the photographs for me, which are now on Find A Grave.


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  1. Roger Laber said,

    February 6, 2011 at 09:27

    She moved to Charlestown NH join the Frank Laber family to have food for the family. Frank and Pearl Laber then gave her and twins a one way bus ticket to California.

    [Note: Comment edited to remove information relating to still-living family members. SH.]

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