Andrew J Hawkins m Sarah Kimball 8 February 1865

Andrew Jackson Hawkins was born in 1837 in Albany, NH, the youngest of four children of Cornelius Hawkins and his wife (but was it Sally Brown or Sarah Winkley?  Or are they the same lady.  Still investigating.)

Andrew is listed in the 1850 census, living in Conway, NH.  He is with Cornelius and Sally in Conway in 1860, along with his married sister Sarah Laclair (but recorded as McLary).  

Sarah Kimball was born about 1837, the daughter of George and Lydia Kimball.  She and Andrew were married 8 February 1865 in Plymouth NH.  Andrew and Sarah had two sons, Willie  Francis, who died at age 2 years, and George who died at age 2 months.  I have not yet been able to learn when the boys were born or died, only that they died young.  Andrew and Sarah were listed in the 1870 census, with no children, living in Plymouth.  They were living in Plymouth in 1880, and Sarah’s mother Lydia lived with them  Another person in the household was Abbie Kimball, who might be Sarah’s sister. 

Sarah died 14 December 1881 in Plymouth.   Andrew married Margaret Teresa Meagher, who was born about 1847, in Boston.  They had a daughter, Alice M Hawkins, born 30 September 1886. 

The Plymouth Death Records Index 361 records the following:  Hawkins, Andrew J, June 22, 1889, Plymouth, ae 46, b Albany NY, married, laborer, suicide, Tristan Rogers of Plymouth [doctor].  No parent information was located.  His birth location was actually Albany NH. 

An obituary was posted on line by the Plymouth Historical Society, but did not list the newspaper: HAWKINS, ANDREW JACKSON, committed suicide on 6/22/1889. He was born in Conway in 1843. In 1865 he married Sarah Kimball. He was a laborer and they lived on Ward Hill in Plymouth. His wife died in 1881 and he married next Margaret Teresa Meagher from Boston. His first two children from his first marriage both died young.

Margaret married Gillman Marsh in 1890 in Plymouth.  Alice was living with them in the 1900 census, but I have no records for her after that.

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  1. sooze471 said,

    February 20, 2011 at 11:56

    Alice wasn’t in the 1900 census with her mother. She was adopted by Charles and Lucy Cutter in Plymouth. Although she was only three when her father died, she apparently knew her biological parents’ names, as they are on her marriage certificate. She married Perley Plant. He worked in a baseball factory. They had at least two sons – Melvin died at about 18 months. Theodore was born in 1917.

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