Ralph Stuart Laber died 17 Feb 1939

Ralph Laber was born 27 September 1889 in Barton VT.  The Barton birth records show the date but not the baby’s name.  This record says that Frank was born in Coventry, and Lizzie in Maine.  The record above this says the father was born in Coventry, so I think this was just an error made by the recorder. 

Ralph was in the 1900 census with his parents and siblings, living in Barton. Ralph was in school.  I have not been able to find the Laber family in 1910.

On 1 May 1913, Ralph of Lebanon, and Agnes V Baker of Bridgewater VT were married in Lebanon.  It was first marriage for both.  In this record, Ralph’s father was listed as born in Biddeford, Maine, and Lizzie LaClair in Barton.  Ralph’s occupation was machinist, and Agnes’ occupation was “household.” The bride’s parents were Adeline Pollard and Hiram Baker. The clergyman was H.O. Martin of Lebanon. 

Ralph and Agnes walked from their farm in Meriden to the Baptist Minister’s house in Lebanon and were married without their parents’ knowledge. His brother George stood up with them. The minister’s wife picked a bouquet of sweet pea flowers for a vase that was used at the wedding.  Ralph farmed, and also worked as a gear shaper.  He also raised and sold gladiolus. 

In 1917, when Ralph registered for the WWI draft, they were living in West Bridgewater VT. 

By 1920, Ralph and Agnes lived in Springfield VT, with first son Ferris.  Ralph was listed as a machinist. 

In the summer of 1929, Ralph and Agnes hosted a family reunion at their farm.  If you’d like to know who attended, check out the photos at http://laberhodges.wordpress.com/category/laber-family-photos/

The 1930 census shows Ralph and Agnes in Springfield with their three children.  Ralph was a machinist in a machine shop.  Ralph was also listed in the 1937 Bellows Falls city directory, employed at FGS  (Fellows Gear Shaper) Co, home on River road.

Ralph died 17 February 1939.  He was listed as a resident of Springfield, married to Agnes Baker.  His occupation was listed as “retired.”  In this record, his father Frank is listed as born in Canada, and his mother is (mis)named as Lizzie Lavine also born in Canada.  Cause of death was bladder cancer.  Ralph and Agnes are buried at Oakland Cemetery in Springfield.


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