Charles Elmer Hodges d 18 February 1876

Charles Hodges was born 10 November 1875 in Wayland, MA.  In the Wayland record, his parents were listed as Jonathan Hodges and Henrietta J – no maiden name listed. 

Charles’ father died on 17 December in Cochituate – it appears that Cochituate was absorbed into Wayland so the locations on the records may be confusing, or interchanged. His occupation was listed as well digger.

Henrietta and her three children moved back to Nova Scotia to bury Jonathan there.  Henrietta also registered Charles’ birth in Aylesford township.  She listed his father’s name as Sampson, and of course put her full name, Henrietta Jane Vroom, on that record.  That birth record also shows that Sampson and Henrietta were married in 1870 in Aylesford, and she listed his occupation as engineer. 

Charles died 18 February 1876 in Aylesford – probably more specifically in Morristown, as the family was staying there with Henrietta’s mother Catherine.  The death record again lists Charles’ father as Sampson, occupation engineer.  Charles died of whooping cough. 

Decades later, Aunt Etha (Charles’ sister) wrote in a letter to Albert Hodges that when they went to visit Nova Scotia, if they asked about Albert’s grandfather, they should ask for him by the name Sampson, as that is how people knew him there. This might have helped distinguish him from his father, but even more likely from his cousin Jonathan C, who lived in the same town and ws the same age.  Until I found these records, I had nothing in writing that verified Etha’s information about her father.  Charles only lived three months, but the information provided on his birth and death records provide a lot of clues about his family. 

Charles and Jonathan share a headstone at the old Morristown Baptist cemetery. 

“I sleep in Jesus the sweet sleep From which none ever wake to weep.”


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