George Albert Smith d 22 February 1977

George Smith was born 9 July 1887, the third child of George William and Emma (Frazer) Smith.  He joined two older sisters.  At the time of his birth, the family lived on Collins street in Lynn, and his father was a teamster, an occupation that he held for the rest of his life and eventually passed on to the younger George. By 1900, the Smith family had moved to Beverly MA, where George lived the rest of his life. 

George A went into the hauling business with his father.  In 1912, the city directory listed the business at 11 Pratt Avenue, where George was an expressman.  Their home was at 76 Essex, and that house stayed in the family for three generations.  They worked with horses, but had a new motor truck for out-of-town deliveries.  It was fun finding the advertisement for their business in the old city directory.   

George W died in 1913.  When George A registered for the WWI draft, he listed his occupation as chauffer, motor truck driver, with a dependant mother.  His sisters Emma and Lillian did not marry and also remained part of the household.  The 1917 city directory described the business as furniture and piano moving.  The same basic information was reported in the 1924 directory. 

George married Helen C Lantz of Oakland, Nova Scotia about 1924, and they had a son, Raymond F, born about 1927, according to the 1930 census.  George’s mother Emma died in 1927. 

George registered in the “Old Man’s Draft” in 1942.  The draft card describes him as 5’7 ¼, 158 pounds, blue eyes, gray hair, ruddy complexion.  He may have been out of the express business by then, as he named an employer, although the card doesn’t list the occupation. 

George’s sister Emma died in 1958, and Lillian in 1961.  The family continued to be listed in the street index of the city directory at 76 Essex.  The 1963 Beverly directory lists George A (Helen C) mgr 145 Hale, h 76 Essex.  It does not say what business is at 145 Hale. 

George’s wife Helen died in 1973, and George died 22 Feb 1977. He was almost 90.  The family members were buried in Ipswich with the elder George, and others in the family plot.


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