Sarah Z Pickernail d 28 Feb 1877

Sarah Pickernell was born about 1839 or 1940, in Croydon NH, seventh of ten children of Daniel G and Sarah “Sally” (Pickett) Pickernell.  This name is sometimes written as Pickernail, Pickernell, Picknell.  I do not know what the “Z” stands for.  Sarah married George W Blood on 6 February 1856, in Lebanon NH. 

Sarah and George had one daughter, Mariette “Minnie” Blood, probably born about February 1857 in Reading VT.  The family of three was in the 1860 census in Reading, where George was a farmer.    In 1870, George, Sarah, and Maryette are living in the Croydon area of Plainfield NH. 

Sarah died 28 February, 1877, in Plainfield.  Family lore is that she burned to death in a house fire that also claimed another relative.  I did locate Mary A Blood, daughter of Edwin Blood, who died 18 Feb 1877 in Plainfield.  Is this the other person? This was Sarah’s niece.

Sarah is buried at the Plainfield cemetery.  Headstone:  Sarah Z, wife of George Blood, died Feb 28, 1877 AE 37.  I have not been able to find a death record for her.  Perhaps there is more information to be found in records in Plainfield, which celebrates its 250th anniversary this summer. Road trip anyone?


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  1. Roger Laber said,

    February 28, 2011 at 15:43

    Parts of Croydon was given to Plainfield so some records are at both places. Also, Meridan is in Plainfield. It was easy to travel from Plainfield to Croydon at one time but became nearly impossible with Corbin’s Park with 36 square miles seperating the town. Wendall was where the train stopped for the horse carriage to take tourist to Sunapee. I believe it is now part of Newport. Part of Sunapee became part of Fishersville. Fisherville is now Newbury. Welfare to Pickernail came from Sunapee. Sarah moved from Sunapee to Croydon to Plainfield. The counties change from Sullivan, Cheshire and Merrimack. What a search!!!!

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