Hezekiah Adams m Mary Tilly 2 Mar 1872

Hezekiah D C Adams was born 27 July 1850, in Johnson County, TN, the first of eight children of William W and Maria Louisa (Kiser) Adams.  I have yet to find out what the “D C” stands for – Davy Crockett?  I have also seen his name written as Hessie Carr – is that “southern” for Hezekiah?   Hezekiah was in the 1860 census with his parents and siblings.

Hezekiah was in the 1860 Census in Sulilvan County TN.  His father was a school teacher. In 1870, the family was in Cocke County TN.  At 19, Hezekiah did not have an occupation, but was listed as “going to school”.  That was probably a rarity for that era and probably a reflection of his father’s belief in education.

Mary Henrietta Tilly was born 27 April 1857, in Taylorville, TN, the first of two children of John C and Elizabeth (Johnson) Tilly.  When she was just a couple years old, her mother died, and her father married Fannie Speer.  During the Civil War, John Tilly came home to check on his family as one of his new twin sons was ill.  Raiders killed Mary’s father, in front of their home in Little Doe, TN.  Mary’s half-brother William also died (of disease.) Mary and Albert were given property out of the respect for the loss of their father: Johnson County Sept 11, 1865 – Whereas John Tilly consigned to me for a consideration of three hundred dollars to him paid a tract of land in the second (civil?) district JCT ___ being the land consigned to said Tilley’s heirs by Abraham Johnson.  Deed containing about one (?) and three fourth acres it being the land where said Tilly family lived and where David Turner now resides on said lands.  There is a small house and kitchen which are occupied by said Turner.  The land adjoins the land of Green Moore and Abraham Johnson’s heirs and whereas said John Tilley was a loyal citizen to the Government of the United States and was murdered by a band of Rebel thieves and murderers on account of his Union sentiments and whereas he left several orphans in destitute circumstances I therefore and inconsideration of said Tilly services to the Government of the United States do hereby transfer and convey to Mary Tilly and Albert N. Tilly minor children and heirs at law of said John Tilly deceased all the right, title, interest, and claim that I have in and to said lands together with appurtanences there and to hold the same forever this 11 day of Sep 1865.   R. R. Butter (Butler?)

Mary and her brother Albert were made wards of Louisa Bradfute, and lived with her as recorded in the 1870 census. 

Hezekiah married Mary Tilly on 2 March 1872, in Taylorsville, TN.  They are listed in the 1880 census in Johnson County, with their first four children, Rosa, Mary, Athalia, and Myrtine.  HDC was a farmer.  In 1885, the name of Taylorsville was changed to Mountain City, TN. Some records seem to use the names interchangeably.  Three more children were born in TN, then sometime between 1885 and 1888, the family moved to North Carolina, birthplace of the last three children.   

In 1900, the family was living in Creston NC.  Mary reported 9 children, 8 still living.  Myrtine had died at age 9 months, in TN.  Hezekiah still listed his occupation as farmer.  Next door to him are daughter Athalia “Aly D” and her family, and daughter Laura and her family. 

In 1910, the family was still in Creston NC.  Danford and Joseph Adams are still living at home.  The household also includes Pearl Adams, who is probably Athalia’s daughter Pearl Rash. 

In 1920, the family lived in Box Elder MT, a very small town northeast of Great Falls.  At the time, HDC and Mary lived in a rented home.  But in 1921, at age 71, Hezekiah was granted a homestead of 80 acres in Choteau County, filed at Havre land office.  This property is south of Box Elder,  on today’s Hwy 87, at about mile marker 87.5.  It is now a pasture, no public access, and no buildings visible.  This part of the state is predominately wheat farms, and this 80 acre section abuts a small section of Rocky Boy Indian Reservation.

Hezekiah and Mary did not stay long in Montana, and moved to Yakima WA.  The three youngest Adams children had also moved there.  Hezekiah died  in Yakima on 1 March 1929, at age 79.  Information from Shaw & Sons Funeral Home record:  Birth date previously listed on other records as July 1848, but the funeral record lists July 22, 1850, which would explain why he was not in the 1850 census.  Birthplace listed as Johnson Co, TN.   Parents listed as Wm. Adams and Louisa Kiser, both of TN.  Home address listed as 1117 Jefferson Ave, Yakima. [City directory says 1119 Jefferson.]  He was a carpenter, and had been in the state for seven years.  He was listed as father of two sons, Joe and C.R. both of Yakima, which were typed into the record.  More children listed in ink:  D.A. Adams (Lower Moxee), Mrs. Danford Holman (Yakima), Lulu Powell (New York, New York), Belle Jones (Toliver NC), Lena Porch (Knoxville TN).  Listed as brother of Claude Adams (Virginia), James Adams (Canada), and Lillie Potter, Daisy Eggers, Roselee Adas, and Arthur Adams, all of Oregon.  Hezekiah died at the county hospital.  His funeral cost $111.25, which included a suit for $7.50 and underwear and sox for $1.25. 

The 1929-1930 Yakima city directory lists Adams, Mary H (wid Hezekiah DC) living at 808 N Front.  In the 1930 census, Mary lived with her daughter Danford Holman, and her family. 

Mary died 10 March 1937 in Naches WA.  She was almost 80.  Her death certificate states she was born in Johnson County TN, provides DOB, and lists parents as John C. Tilly and Elizabeth Johnson both of Tennessee.  It indicates that she moved to this area 14 years ago, or about 1923. Certificate shows Mary as widow of HDC Adams, with Albert Adams as the informant (apparently son David A. Adams).  It lists her as mother of Claude Adams of Grandview, Albert of Naches, Joe of Yakima, Mrs. W. D. Holman of Yakima, Mrs. Allen Jones of Toliver NC, and Mrs. Lulu Powell of New York.  Notes:  Christian Church, ill since 2 p.m. today, heart.  Lived in Yakima until last Nov then lived with son in Naches.  She did not have siblings listed, as her brother Albert and half brother John Hilsman Tilly died before her.  Her funeral cost $181.65.  (Lena Porch, listed on HDC’s record, is not listed on Mary’s record.)

Hezekiah and Mary Adams are buried at Tahoma cemetery in Yakima WA.  They are listed in Find-a-Grave.


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  1. Penny Danforth said,

    June 1, 2012 at 05:36

    Thank you so much for this account! My grandfather was John Powell (aka Sunshine). Seems they all had an interesting life!

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