John P Labombard d 11 March 1919

John P LaBombard was born 18 December 1847 in Plattsburgh, NH, the fourth of 13 children of Pierre LaBombard and Zoe Chauvin.  The family lived in Beekmantown in 1850, where  Peter was listed as a farmer.  The family was counted in the 1860 census in Altona. John’s father’s farm was valued at $200, with $150 worth of personal property. 

John married Lavina Bordeau on 10 November 1869 in Ellenburg NY.  John and Lavina were counted in the 1870 census in Altona.  He was a teamster.  He lived by his parents, and his married brothers Louis and Joseph.  John had $300 in personal property.  Although I had their marriage month as November, this particular census asks if the couple was married within the last year, and if so, what month.  The census taker recorded September. 

John and Lavina had thirteen children.  The first five were born in NY, probably Ellenburg, the last in 1879.  John took his family to Wisconsin, and two more children were born there, starting in the spring of 1881.  I was not able to find them in the 1880 census, so they may have missed being counted.  The family returned to Ellenburg by 1885, where three more children were born.

John and Lavina were counted in the 1892 NY state census.  He was a farmer, and they had six children living at home.  By 1895, the family had moved to Lebanon NH, where the last two children were born. 

The family was counted in the 1900 census in Lebanon.  John was a farmer and owned his farm, although he had a mortgage on it.  Lavina reported she had 13 children, seven still living, and all were in the household in 1900. 

The family was counted in the 1910 Lebanon census, with only the youngest three children at home.  Under occupation, John listed “own income.”   According to instructions given to the census takers for that year, “own income” meant no specific occupation but an independent income upon which he was living.   

John died 11 March 1919 in Lebanon.  His death record stated that he had come there from Ellenburg about 24 years earlier.  He was a retired farmer.  Cause of death was mitral valve heart disease with a contributing cause of asthma.  He was buried at Mt Calvary. 

John P’s first cousin John A was a similar age, and also moved from NY to the Lebanon NH area.  Whether by design or coincidence, their middle initials can be used to designate which son of Andre Bombardier and Susanne Courtemanche was their father.  John P was son of Pierre/Peter, and John A was son of Andre/Andrew.  John P’s son Louis married John A’s granddaughter Nellie.


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