Major Nathaniel Parker b 14 March 1743

Nathaniel Parker was born 14 March 1743 in Dorchester MA, the son of William and Mary (Maynard) Parker.  He married Anna Hardy in about 1766, and they had six children.  Nathaniel was a soldier in the British army, and moved to Annapolis County, Nova Scotia before the Revolutionary War.  His wife Anna died in 1778 in Nictaux, and Nathaniel married Salome Whitman, widow of Major Ezekiel Cleveland.  Nathaniel and Salome had 10 children. 

The following is from Calnek’s History of Annapolis County:

Nathaniel Parker was a soldier in the British army at the siege of Quebec.  He settled in the eastern part of Annapolis County.  It is said that for several years those fed at his table numbered twenty, including two children of his first wife.  All 16 children grew to adult age, married, and had families.  He and his wife were the first persons in the county to receive baptism by immersion, to obtain which the were obliged to travel on horseback (she on a pllion behind him), through an immense wilderness, the greater part of the distance from Annapolis to the Gaspereaux Valley in Kings County.  He was a leading man among the early settlers, and had much to do with the laying out and construction of roads and other public affairs.  His descendants are very numerous in  Annapolis and Kings, among whom may be mentioned about half a score of Baptist ministers, and one or two Methodist ministers, besides physicians, dentists, farmers, mechanics, manufacturers, and teachers.  (Calnek)

Nathaniel and Salome are buried at Nictaux.  Salome d June 5th 1836 age 81.

Section 11Berwick – Its People and Institutions as I knew them about Sixty Years ago.

D. O. PARKER.  Wednesday, May 12, 1897

Major Parker, according to Wards history of Shrewsbury, was baptized by sprinkling in his infancy, March 20, 1743. In June, 1779, he and his wife rode on horseback from their home in Nictaux to Wolfville, about forty miles, and on the 12th of June, 1779, were baptized in the Gaspereau River, and received into the Horton Baptist Church. When about seventeen years of age he left his home in Shrewsbury and served as a volunteer, and was with Wolfe at the taking of Quebec. At the close of the war he came to N. S. and settled on the property awarded him for his services, near the Nictaux meeting house, where some of his descendants yet live. A short extract from rather a quaint letter written to me by his son 39 years ago may be of interest: –

“If I should say what I know about this man it would fill a volume. I will state a few things that I know of his support of the gospel. In a reformation when there were few to feed the people, and the scattered people came a great way to meeting, and the family provisions became short, he had a very fine fat ox which he intended for market, which he killed and fed out to the people. On a similar reformation several years after, he fed so many that his meat began to get short and having nothing fat to kill, he took the forwardest cow he had and fed her on corn till she was fat for beef and fed her out to the people. I mention these as some of his acts toward the gospel. The Lord has blessed his posterity and has raised up sixteen ministers to preach the gospel out of his family. I am now the eldest of it, in my 83rd year, and in good health. NATHANIEL PARKER. “Nictaux, August 30th, 1858.”

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