Jerusha Dodge b 30 March 1758

Jerusha Dodge was born 30 March 1758 in Beverly MA, daughter of Zechariah and Martha (Cleaves) Dodge.  She married Ebenezer Richardson in Canaan ME, and they had seven children.  Ebenezer was a Revolutionary War soldier, and after he died in 1810, she applied for a widow’s pension under the Act of July 7, 1838.  Specifically, that act provided that widows who had married Revolutionary War veterans prior to January 1, 1794, were authorized a five-year pension.  The widow had to appear in person before a court of record to establish her late husband’s service, and that they were married prior to the date set out in the enabling legislation, with documents if possible.  Later acts provided for a lifetime pension, but Jerusha died in 1843, before that Act of July 29 1848 was passed.  Jerusha was awarded $120 per year, dating back to 1836, then was paid $60 semi-annually thereafter.   Jerusha used a record of her own, her husband’s and her children’s births, written on a blank page in a book of sermons, as evidence of her marriage to Ebenezer.  As part of the Revolutionary War records, this list of names and dates has genealogical value. 

Below is a transcription of her pension application.  Parts are hard to decipher and I gave you my best guess, or left it blank.  If anyone wants copies of the documents, let me know.

P 1

Jerusha Richardson, widow of Ebenezer Richardson, who was a pensioner under the Act of (left blank) and who died on the 6th June 1810 of Somerset in the State of Maine who was a sgt in the Company commanded by Captain _____ of the Regt commanded by Brooks in the Mass line for 2 years

Inscribed on the Roll of Maine at the rate of 120 Dollars — cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1836.

Certificate of Pension filed the 10 day of Sep 39 a _______ town clerk, Norridgewock, Me

Arrears to the 4th of Mar                     $360.00

Semi-annual allowance ending            $60.00


Act July 7, 1838

Recorded by R Bludren, Clerk, Book A, Vol 17, page 22

P 2

DECLARATION  In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Contress, of the 7th July, 1838, entitled “An Act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows.”

STATE of MAINE  Somerset County ss

On this seventh day of September A. D. 1838 personally appeared before the Honorable Drummond Farnsworth Judge of Probate in and for the county of Somerset aforesaid at the Probate Court at the Court House in Norridgewock in this county Jerusha Richardson a resident of New Portland in the County of Somerset and State of Maine, aged seventy six year next month, who, being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress, passed July 7th, 1838, entitled “An Act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows;”  That she is the widow of Ebenezer Richardson late of said New Portland deceased, who was a private and Sergeant in the army of the Revolution, that her said husband the aforesaid Ebenezer Richardson enlisted at the first of the war, was at the battle of Bunker hill and in the fall of 1775 was dispatched to go to Quebec under Gen Harold; that their provisions failed them in the woods and he was on that account sent back and in 1776 he enlisted again for one year and when that time expired enlisted or joined for three years or d??? the war and did serve till the close of the war; and was honorably discharged at or near West Point; she has no documentary evidence or a but cannot recollect the names of the officers under whom he served but that he was a sergeant when discharged and belonged to a grenadier company & he ———- Massachusetts the at the  when he first enlisted; that immediately after ….he removed from Billerica to Canaan in Maine whereof he was married —- by Gen Whitaker, that her name before marriage was Jerusha Dodge.

She further declares that she was married to the said Ebenezer Richardson on the thirteenth day of April in the year seventeen hundred and eighty nin; that her husband, the aforesaid Ebenezer Richardson died on the fifth day of June, eighteen hundred and ten; that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but the marriage took place previous to the first of January, seventeen hundred and ninety four, vis. At the time above stated; that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.  She further declares that her said husband had a discharge in writing which she has often seen and which was burnt in a candle in New Portland, many years ago that she has caused the records of the town of Canaan to be examined but can find no record of er said marriage; that D. Whitaker removed away from Canaan soon after said marriage, and left no record which she can find.  That all her said husbands old neighbors will recollect that he was a Revolutionary Soldiers and served during the war.                             her

Witness John C Page and William Allen                    Jerusha           X          Dodge


Sworn to and subscribed, on the day and year above written, before me and I certify that the Declarant is a credible witness and to the truth of her statement I am fully satisfied.

                                                                        D Farnsworth, Judge

P 3

State of Maine

County of Somerset – On the twenty second day of June 1839 personally appeared in open Court before the _______ Judicial Court at Norridgewock said county Solomon Rowe a resident of Madison in said county aged forty nine years and being first duty sworn doth in his oath declare that on the twenty ninth day of march Eighteen hundred >>>> was married to Elizabeth Richardson a daughter of the late Ebenezer Richardson a Revolutionary soldier then deceased and Jerusha Richardson his wife.  That at the time of his marriage aforesaid his wife’s mother the said Jerusha Richardson caused their family record to be transcribed from a blank leaf of an ancient book of sermons by William Griswall and gave the same to his said wife; That he has kept the same copy since having added the death of one of his family and brings the >>>> into court and in open Court takes the leaf from said book and attaches it to this deposition to be a>>> to the war deposement to be used as evidence in support of the cause of said Jerusha Richardson for a pension and as proof that said Jerusha was the lawful wife of said Ebenezer Richardson deceased that he has made enquiry and can find no town or church record of said marriage; and the original family  record is lost and cannot be found.

                                                                        Solomon Parue

Sworn & subscribed in open Court   Matt J Gould, Clerk

Somerset Court SI Court at Norridgewock June 1839

I certify that the above deponent is a credible witness and that the record of births hereto ……purporting to be a family record of Ebenezer Richardson dcd was taken from an ancient book in presence of the Court

                        Nathan Weston C J

                                                S J Court

P 4

Ebenezer Richardson was born Nov 25th, 1757 and died June 6, 1810

Jerusha Richardson his wife was born March 30, 1758

Elizabeth Richardson their first born was born January 22, 1790

Sally Richardson born May 5th, 1891

Polly Richardson born March 16th 1793

Ebenezer Richardson was born Oct 18th 1794 and died January the 2nd 1821

Jerusha Richardson born April 3, 1798

Patty Richardson born Set 13th 1800

David Richardson born April 11, 1801


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