Willard C Hodges died 3 April 1890

Willard Hodges was born in 1838, the fifth of eleven children of John C and Rachel (Parker) Hodges, in Nova Scotia (probably in Morristown.)  His father was an Irish immigrant.  His mother’s ancestors had moved from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia two generations earlier.

Willard married Helen Louise Banks on 9 December 1867 in Aylesford.  She was the daughter of William Banks and Harriet Patterson.  They were married by the Reverend  RS Morton.  It was the first marriage for both.

Willard and Helen were counted in the 1871 census, living in Ayesford South, which included the Morristown area.  Willard was a farmer. Their first child, Alfonzo, was 2 at the time of the census.  He died in 1875. 

Willard and Helen eventually had five more children:  Delilah (1871-1876), George Edson (1873-1955), Sarah Emma Maude (1876-1949), Annie Laura (1878-abt 1909), and Alva Zebert (1880-aft 1901). 

Willard’s family was listed in the 1881 census in South Aylesford.  The family was Baptist.  Willard was a farmer.  He was listed in McAlpine’s Nova Scotia Directory 1890-97, farmer, Morristown.    In April, 1890, he was building a pole fence, or what is also known as a jack-fence, and was hit on the head.  He was unconscious a few days, then woke up, but died a few days later.  He was known as a very patient man, a good worker, clearing his land by himself.  He walked to Aylesford every two weeks for the mail.  Willard lived on the east end of Canaan Road on what is now know as the Willard Place, all that remains of the home is the cellar. (Morristown book).

Kings County Probate Records for 1890 list his heirs – his wife Helen (died July 1890 in Eastport NS), sons George and Alvin, and daughters Laura and Sarah.  After the death of their parents, Willard’s children lived with other family and community members. 

[In records, Willard’s name is sometimes written William, and he did have a cousin William about the same age, and living in the same area.]


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