Zacharie Cloutier married Marie Madeleine Emard 4 April 1648

Zacharie Cloutier was born 16 Aug 1617 in Mortagne, France, son of Zacharie Cloutier and Sancte Dupont. At the age of 17, he emigrated with his parents to Canada.  Zacharie later returned to France. 

Madeleine Emard was born 1 August 1626 in Niort France, daughter of Jean Emard and Marie Bineau.  Zacharie and Madeleine were married 4 April 1648, at St-Barthelemi in France, and Zacharie brought her back to Quebec to settle.  They were at Beaupre from 1666 to 1681. 

Like his father, Zacharie was a carpenter by trade. He could not write and used the drawing of an ax for his signature, which was the tool of his trade.  “Our French Canadian Ancestors” says that Zacharie was a level headed man, charitable, friendly, and a good farmer.  He and Madeleine had 11 children, all of whom married neighbors. 

A website says that Madonna and Camilla Parker-Bowles (wife of Prince Charles) are descended from  Zacharie Cloutier.  Me too.  As of 1800, the elder Cloutier had 10,850 French Canadian descendants, the most of any Quebec colonist, according to a study done by the University of Montreal.


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