Eldad Taylor born 10 April 1708

This post was originally a nice two-page document, explaining Eldad’s history and family, and his participation in the Committee of Correspondence, leading up to the Revolutionary War.  He died in 1777 while attending court in Boston.  I ended the post commenting that his son James had gone to Nova Scotia, and I wondered if he went there for business reasons, or if he was a Loyalist who relocated there, in spite of having a Patriot father.

Then I “googled” Eldad, and found a recent message board posting on Ancestry that argues that Calnek, the author of the History of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, had confused Eldad’s son James Taylor with the James Taylor who came to Nova Scotia.  The post is pretty convincing that the Nova Scotia Taylor, my ancestor, is really a Loyalist from Connecticut.  One of their arguments is that the NS James was a Loyalist, so was unlikely to have a Patriot father, just like I wondered. Another argument is that the James who was truly son of Eldad married and raised a family in Massachusetts, while the NS James was doing the same thing, at the same time, in NS and in theory couldn’t be in two places at the same time.  Plus, the NS James Taylor named a son with his mother’s name, a rather unusual name.  It is all pretty convincing.

So what does this mean?  If true, I’m not the descendant of one of the first governors of Connecticut.  Oh, well.  It will give me a new branch to research.

Luckily, Family Tree Maker has a function that allows me to disconnect a person (or parents) from another, without deleting them.  That whole branch will stay in my database, and I can reattach them if I find out that the new information is wrong and I want to go back to the old connection.


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