Louisa Nuske born 12 April 1825

Louisa Nuske was born 12 April 1825, in Leipzig, Bessarabia, Russia. She was the daughter of Gottfired Nueske and Amelia Bierwagon.  Her father died when she was 12.  Louisa married Johann Friedrich Hintz on 5 October 1842.  The Nuske and Hintz families were both German colonists who had been recruited to settle in Russia.

Louisa had 13 children.  Five of them died as small children. Louisa’s mother died in 1880, and her husband died in 1885, in Russia.  Several of her surviving children (Justina, Louisa, and Christian) had emigrated to America to avoid having to serve in the Russian military. 

Louisa’s husband died, and three other children had already moved to the United States – Josta, Louisa, and Christian.  Louisa immigrated with her remaining living children, Samuel J. Susanna, Gottfried, and Martin, along with Christoph, his wife, and his son Sam.  They arrived on 7 November 1885, on the ship EMS. 

The 1900 census shows Louisa, age 75, living adjacent to son Christian, and his family, Township 137, Range 90, with Christiana Roehl, age 72.   It appears that Louisa had filed for a homestead, and the patent was issued in 1900, and I suspect that her sons, and/or sons-in-law helped her make the improvements needed to earn the title to the land. 

I have been unable to find Louisa in the 1910 census.  She died 19 November 1913 in Odessa, ND.



  1. Julie Jamiieson said,

    March 18, 2015 at 01:33

    My great-great grandfather was Christian Hintz. He was noted on the death certificate of his son Louis as a Captain of Marines. His wife was recorded as Cornelia Guthrod

    Louis birth date was around 1840, and was listed as Hamburg. He married in the US and lived in San Francisco before emigrating via Australia to new Zealand.

    Louis was a brush maker, but his sons were bakers. I wondered if these trees were related, as I am having trouble tracing Louis – other than a single birth record for one of his 4 children in California

    • sooze471 said,

      March 18, 2015 at 05:26

      Hi Julie,
      My Hintz family is part of an ethnic group called “Germans from Russia” – they kept their German identity (church, language, etc) after settling in Russia. My earliest is Adam Hintz supposedly born in 1799 or so in Poland. I don’t have documents for him, so this is information from other trees, index, and so forth. If your Louis was still in Hamburg in 1840, then he’s probably not part of the “GFR” group, but his ancestors might be related to mine before mine started the migration via Poland to Russia. Sorry I’m not able to help.

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