Vinnie Eva Lavine m Daniel C Coburn 14 April 1917

Lauvia Lavine was born September 1884 in Barton, fourth of five children of Edward Lavigne and Anne M LaClair.  When she was almost four, her father died.  Anne was not able to keep her family together, and the children were adopted out. 

Vinnie was adopted by Sophia Sawins (or Savins).  They are listed in the 1900 census of Glover VT.  By that time, Sophia was a widow.

About 1908, Vinnie married someone named Willey.  I have not yet located that marriage record.  Their son, Glenn Reed Willey, was born about June 1908.  In 1910, Vinnie and Glenn are back living with Sophia Sawins.  This record says that Vinnie is Sophia’s adopted daughter and Glenn her adopted granddaughter, although he is listed as male. 

Daniel C Coburn was born 1 August 1875 in Craftsbury, VT, the son of Lorenzo Dow Coburn and Julia Hill.  In 1880, they lived in Irasburgh, VT.  The closest match in 1900 is a Daniel, age 40, in Greensboro, working as a hired man on a farm.

Vinnie Willey married Daniel C Coburn on 14 April, 1917, in Glover VT.  It is recorded as his first marriage, and her second, as she is divorced.  The bride’s record lists her father as George Levine (it should be Edward Levine) and Anne St Clair (should be LaClair).   

In 1920, Vinnie and Daniel lived in Newport.  Daniel was a section man for the railroad.  Vinnie’s son was also in the census, as Reuel Coburn, age 11.  In 1930, Daniel and Vinie (sic) lived in Newport, and Daniel was a light tender for the railroad.  By this time they had daughters Julia and Florence.  Son Roy had been born in 1923 but only lived 3 years. 

When Vinnie’s mother Anne (Laclair) Levine Hyland died, Anne’s obituary listed among the survivors Mrs. Vinnie Colburn of Newport.

Daniel Coburn died 1 December 1941.  He was listed as a retired railroad employee.  His marital status was married, wife’s name was Vinnie Sawins, so it appears that Vinnie died sometime after 1941.  I have not yet located a subsequent marriage record, or death record for her.


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