Laura Eveline Hemmings b 18 April 1883

Laura Hemmings was born 18 April 1883 in Quebec, fourth of eight children of William Alfred Hemmings and Josephine Laclair. In 1891, the family was counted in the Canadian census, living in Potton, Quebec.  The family was Seventh-Day Adventist. 

Laura married Charles P Clay on 13 November 1899, in Tilton NH. He was a weaver, born in Franklin NH.  Her occupation was listed as “lady”, and born in Brattleboro, VT. This was the first marriage for both.  This record is a little confusing, as it lists Laura’s parents as George Hemmings and Bertha.  It does say that Laura’s father was born in England, which matches William, and that Laura’s mother was born in Conway NY, which matches Josephine.  The record I found on line is actually an index card that was created from the actual town records in Tilton, and then sent to the state archives.  I suspect that the person transcribing the record may have gotten onto the wrong line.  I had this information, then discarded it based on the different names for Laura’s parents.  But since her marriage to Caverly is made under the name of Laura Clay, and is her second, I believe that the marriage to Charles Clay is correct. 

In 1900, Charles and Laura lived in Concord.  The both worked in a woolen mill.  Charles died 22 May 1917, of double pneumonia.  His death record lists him as divorced. I have not found any records for children for them.

On 13 May 1905, Laura (as Laura E Clay) married Frank Pierce Caverly, in Strafford NH.  This marriage record does list her parents as William and Josephine Hemmings.  This was his third marriage.  Frank and Laura had a daughter (still living).  Laura died 28 September 1918 in Northfield NH, of double pneumonia caused by the flu, part of the flu epidemic.  She is buried at Park Cemetery.  Laura’s daughter was still with Frank in the 1920 census, which was taken January 6th.  However, Frank died 21 March of a cerebral hemorrhage, and the daughter was adopted by Laura’s sister Florence.


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