Edward Taylor Hodges b 20 April 1872

Edward Hodges was born 20 April 1872 in Marblehead, MA, the first of three children of Stephen Taylor Hodges and Mary Elizabeth Orne.  Edward continued the Taylor name, which was the maiden name of his grandmother, Ruth Taylor Hodges. 

In 1880, Edward lived with his sister and parents, in the home of his Orne grandparents, Benjamin and Sarah, in Marblehead.  His father was a shoe heeler. 

Edward was recorded in the 1895 Salem area directory, working as a clerk at 70 Washington in Marblehead, boarding at 11 Selman.

Edward married Rosamond A Chard on 28 October, 1896, in Bradford MA.  They eventually had three children – Edwina Taylor Hodges, Merton Orne Hodges, and Gardner Leslie Hodges who died at age 9 of peritonitis.    All three children were born in Haverhill MA, and were counted in the 1900 census there.  Edward was a salesman at a dry goods store.  They lived adjacent to Rosamond’s parents. 

The 1910 census lists the family at 198 Mason St in Haverhill MA.  Edward was now working as a real estate agent.  Rosamond’s sister Florence and family lived with Edward and Rosamond.  The 1911 Haverhill directory lists Edward as “real estate and painting” but it doesn’t specify what kind – perhaps houses.

By 1920, the family lived back in Marblehead.  Edward was the proprietor of a bakery.  By now, his daughter Edwina had married Irving Libby, and Irving was a baker. 

In 1930, the family still lived in Marblehead.  Edward’s occupation was listed as carpenter, and son Merton was an architect.     The 1930 Marblehead directory listed them as employed at 15 Pond Road, residence Sunset Road.  He was listed in 1935 and 1937 as living at #2 Sunset Road (Ocean Park). 

In 1947, the Marblehead directory listed him (incorrectly as Edwin) as a boat builder at 56 Elm, living at 100 Elm.  The 1949 directory lists Rosamond as widow of Edwin.  I do not have an exact death date for him.


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  1. Donald Booth said,

    September 17, 2011 at 22:09

    Edward Hodges was my great grandfather. (I will secure the dates for you.) Eddy is buried in Waterside Cemetery, Marblehead, MA.
    Rosemond died shortly after in 1951.

    Merton Hodges married Marion and had a daughter Nancy Hodges. She married J. Murray Marshall (minister) and is still living in Washington State. Nancy had two sons, Scott & David and daughter Kim. Merton died in 1966 of complications from a brain tumor. (Retired from GE in Lynn) He is buried in Waterside Cemetery in Marblehead. Marion died in the 1992
    Edwina T Orne Libby had two daughters. Barbara Elizabeth Libby born 1924 (just passed in June 2011) Married to Pearson H Hussey former school teacher (Math) at Marblehead High School who passed in 2007. Edwina passed in 1992. Her husband Iriving Libby passed in 1994. (All are buried in Harwich, MA. Barbara had two sons. Steven (born 1949) and Richard (born 1946). Steven lives in Lewiston, Maine, Richard lives in Tequesta,Florida.

    (Daughter 2) Martha Isabel Libby was born in 1926. She married John W Booth in 1948 in Marblehead. She had two sons: Christopher (1950) who lives in Danvers, MA, and Donald (1953) who lives in Raleigh, NC. John Booth passed in 2002 in Centerville, MA and is also buried in the Orne Plot in Waterside Cemetery in Marblehead MA

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