Marshal Labor m Jennie Clara Hale 22 April 1891

Marcel Labor was born 24 October 1865.  Some records say he was born in Biddeford Maine.  He was baptized 16 January at St-Bibiane, in Richmond, Quebec.

“Le seize janvier mil huit cent soixante-six, nous prêtre soussigné avons baptisé Marcel, né le vingt-quatre octobre dernier, du légitime mariage de Joseph Labarre, journalier, et Célina Martin, de Windsor. Parrain, nous soussigné, marraine Virginie Marchand, qui ainsi que le père n’a pu signer.”

              Patrick Quinn, prêtre.

This sixteenth of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, we undersigned priest have baptised Marcel, born last October twenty-fourth, of the legitimate marriage of Joseph Labarre, labourer, and of Celina Martin, of Windsor. Godfather, we undersigned, and godmother Virginie Marchand, who, with the father, could not sign.

Patrick Quinn, priest.

Windsor is near Sherbrooke; at the time, not all neighboring parishes were opened yet so Richmond had a very large territory for a while. The fact that the godmother and father could not sign does not mean they could not write, it more likely means that the priest copied this act out of a notebook when he got back to his home and to the register since the book cannot leave the premises… The old register are full of these “could not sign”. When people could not write, the wording in the act was rather that the person “declared” that he or she could not sign.  Of note, the parish priest was the godfather. Father Quinn was pastor here for 50 years, from 1864 to 1914.

Marcel’s mother died when he was young, and his father remarried Lydia Ann DeGoosh in 1970.  Marcel’s older brothers, Louis and Theophile, lived with their grandmother in 1871, but I have not located Marcel for that census.  He was not with Joseph and Lydia.

Eventually Marcel moved to the Barton VT area.  His name was Anglicized to Marshall.  The 1887 Barton tax records show him with his brothers.  He paid poll tax only.

Jennie Clara Hale was born 16 February 1873 in Barton, daughter of Cicero Hale and Mary Ella Downing.  She was usually called Carrie.  Her aunt Viola Downing married Marshall’s brother Louis/Lewis.

Marshal married Carrie on 22 April 1891 in Morristown, VT.  The marriage index lists his father as Joseph, and his mother as Nancy M.  These index cards are not the original town marriage license or certificate, but rather index cards created from the records.  It is possible that the card was not transcribed accurately.  Carrie was 18, Marshall was 26, and this was the first marriage for both.  Marshal and Carrie had six children, but two died as infants.

In 1900, Marshal and Carrie lived in Wolcott, VT.  Marshal was a farmer.  Carrie reported four children born, two still living.

The 1910 census shows Marshall living in Waterbury, VT.  Marshal was a laborer on a dairy farm.  Both he and Carrie could read and write. The 1910 census confirms six children born, four still living.

The family moved to Chester VT.  Carrie died there on 13 February, 1913, of tuberculosis and exhaustion.  She was originally entombed, then later buried at Pleasant View cemetery later in the spring.  In 1996, a grandson had a headstone placed for her.

In 1920, Marshal and his daughters lived in Randolph, VT.  The household included a housekeeper, Mary C Kenney, and her daughter Phyllis.

Marshal moved to Lexington, MA, and was listed there in the city directory in 1925, 1926, 1928 and 1930. The 1926 directory lists Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Labor, but the 1928 census lists Mrs. Marie Kenney.  They lived at #17 Pleasant, possibly in East Lexington.

The 1930 census lists Marshall Laber at #17 in Lexington.  Housekeeper Marie Kenney and daughter Phyllis were still in the household.  Marshal was a laborer for the town.

By the time of the 1932 Lexington directory, someone else is living at #17 Pleasant, and there is no Laber in the “L” section and no “Kenney” in the K section.  The next Lexington directory on line was 1942, and also had no Labor or Kenney.  However, the 1935 Arlington MA city directory lists Marshall Laber living at 71 Mystic, employed as a dynamite blaster.  Mrs. Marie H Kinney also lived at that address.

A grandson of Marshall remembers a telegram coming when his grandfather died.  He thought it would have been about 1941 or 1942, but he didn’t know where Marshall died.  The 1940 census shows that Marshal is still living, still with the housekeeper, Marie Kenney. I have not yet located his death record.

UPDATE:  When Ancestry released more vital records from Masssachusetts, I found Marshall in the index.  I sent for his death certificate, and found that he died 9 February 1944 at Ring’s Hospital in Medford MA.  This is probably the same as Ring’s Sanatorium and Hospital, and the building looks like a very large house.  It was probably a nursing home.  He was there for about 4 1/2 months before dying of cancer of the rectum.  The source for the information on the certificate was the Bureau of Old Age Assistance records in his home town of Arlington which is adjacent to Medford.  Marshall’s occupation was driller, retired.  His age was given as 81, although he was actually 78.  His parents were listed as Joseph Labor and Mary Martin, birth towns unknown, but from Vermont.  Marshall was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Arlington, and now has a Find-A-Grave memorial linking him to other family members.  I don’t know if he has a headstone.

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