James A Parker m Henrietta Sophia Burbridge 23 April 1877

James Parker was born 11 August 1855 at Lake George, Nova Scotia, the son of Church Morse Parker and Lydia Marie Porter.  He was counted in the 1871 census in south Aylesford, and at the age of 16, was listed with occupation of farmer. 

Henrietta Burbridge was born 22 January 1858, daughter of John Burbridge and Susan Fairn.  She and James were married 23 April 1877 in Cornwallis, NS. 

In 1881, the family was listed in South Aylesford.  By now, James and Henrietta had a daughter, Bertha.  James’ parents, Church and Lydia, lived with the family.  A second daughter, Millie, was born in 1884.

In the 1891, James and Henrietta and the girls lived in Millville.  His parents lived next door.  In 1901, the family was still in Millville.  James’ father had died in 1896, but his mother was with this family.  Lydia died in 1903 at James’ house. 

Daughter Bertha married Guilford Bezanson in 1908.  In 1911, James and Henrietta, and daughter Millie lived in Aylesford. 

The Berwick Register reported:  Deacon James A Parker  Aylesford  19 Feb 1928 age 75 years b. Lake George; resided Morristown later Aylesford where he bought Parker homestead; survived by wife and 2 daughters; funeral 21 March; buried Aylesford Baptist Cemetery. 

Henrietta died 7 June 1928.  The cemetery stone records his dates as 1864-1928 with Henrietta Sophia 1848-1928 and daughter Millie V. as 1884 – 1982.


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