Marie-Célina Martin baptized 26 April 1841

Marie-Célina Martin was baptized 26 April 1841, daughter of André Martin, farmer, and Archange Cloutier. Her godfather was Jean Baptist Gagnon, and her godmother was Marie Genotte.  She was born at Ste-Clair, in Dorchester County, Quebec.  She was the second of eleven children.  Some of her siblings died as infants or small children. 

The 1851 census for Ste-Claire no longer exists.  Celina married Joseph Labarre on 16 October 1855 in Wotton, Quebec in the parish of St-Hippolyte.   According to the record, Celina was a minor.  She was 14 ½. 

Celina’s first child was a son, Joseph, born 24 July 1856.  He died at age six months.  Celina’s next child was a daughter, Marie Delimas, who only lived to the age of 6 weeks.  Celina’s third child, Louis, was born 8 November 1860. 

In 1861, the census shows that Joseph and Celina lived next to her parents in the township of St-Camille in Wolfe county.  Joseph’s occupation was listed as farmer.  They lived in a one-story wooden house, and did not share the house with any other family.  The census reports one person died in the previous year, who would be Delima, and cause of death was jaundice. 

Celina had two more sons, Theophile (Frank T) born 27 March 1863, and Marcel born 24 October, 1865.  Marcel’s baptism record is the last record I have for Celina.  He was baptized on 16 January in Richmond Quebec.  His record does not say that she was “defunct” (dead) at the time of his baptism. 

On 4 August 1870, Celina’s husband remarried, to Lydia Ann Degoosh.  It is highly unlikely that Joseph and Celina divorced, so best guess is that she died between 1865 and 1870, but I have not yet located that record for her.  I have worked my way through on-line church records.  Since family lore is that Joseph became a woods worker and moved around, I expanded my search area.  Some records are hard, or even impossible to read because of faded ink, but I have worked my way through the following records. 

Areas searched for death record:  Druin collection
Sherbrook Congregational 1865-1870
Sherbrook Church of England 1865-1870
Sherbrook Presbyterian 1865-1870
Sherbrook St-Michael 1865-1870
Richmond Ste-Bibiane 1865-1870 (location of Marcel’s Baptism)
Richmond Presbyterian 1870
Richmond Church of England 1868
Windsor – no records – Joseph was “of Windsor” when married to Lydia.
St-Camille (Wolfe) 1868-1870
Brompton (St-Francois-Xavier West Sheffield) 1867, 1869, 1870.
Compton Baptist – 1867-1870
Compton Church of England 1866-1870
Compton Methodist 1865-1870
Not listed as witness for marriage of Thomas Huppe and Melanie LaBarre
Wotton St-Hyppolite 1865-1870
Lennoxville Church of England 1865-1870
Cookshire (St-Camille) 1868 (washed out), 1868-1876
Cookshire Church of England 1866, 1867, 1660
Barnston Baptist 1865-1868
Stanstead (Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus) 1865-1870
Lacolle St-Bernard 1865-1870
Hichinchbrook St-Patrice 1865-1870
St-Luc De Vincennes 1865-1870
L’Acadie L`Acadie (Ste-Marguerite-de-Blairfindie)  1865-1870
Frenchville, ME  1865-1870
VanBuren, ME  1865-1870
Biddeford ME Catholic church – sent them a letter of inquiry, no response.


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