Julia LeClair born 27 April 1830

Julia’s birth date and/or baptism date are somewhat in question, but according to her obituary, she was born about 27 April, 1830.  She was listed as the daughter of Pierre (Peter) LaClair and Belle King.  Her cemetery stone lists a birthdate of 27 September 1830.  Her husband’s obituary lists her maiden name as King, but marriage records for her children list her maiden name as LeClair.  These discrepancies indicate that perhaps her parents were not married at the time of her birth.  Both Quebec and Vermont have been given as birth locations for her.  I have been unable to find birth record for her in St-Hyacinthe in any church, 1829-1833.  April was listed as her birth month in the 1900 census.  I have searched under the name Julie and Angelique King, Roy/Roi, and Laclair (variety of spellings). 

About 1846, Julia married Charles Tourville, son of Charles Tourville and Sophie Arpajou.  They were probably married in Ferrisburg VT.

The 1850 census lists Charles, age 22, Julia age 18, Charles age 2, Maranda age 8, and Mary H King, age 60.  Charles and Julia reported they were born in Canada, young Charles in Vermont, Maranda and Mary King born in Canada.  They lived in Ferrisburgh VT, and Charles was a laborer.  The 1850 census does not record the relationships in the family.  I am a little confused by the name of the first child, as I have it that son Henry was born in 1848 (later moved to Wisconsin) while son Charles was born in 1851 (later moved to Colorado.)  Maranda is too old to be a child of Charles and Julia, but perhaps is his sister, Marie-Edesse, who was born in 1839.  Mary King might be Julia’s mother.  According to the census, both Charles and Julia could read and write, while Mary King could not.  Charles was a laborer.

By 1860, the Tourville family had moved to Chateaugay NY.  Charles, age 32, was a farmer, with land valued at $1000 and personal property at $300.  The census records that Charles and Julia were born in Canada, but that their children were all born in NY.  The children named are Henry 11, Charles 9, Elizabeth 7, Lewis 3, and Joseph 1.  Also in the family were Joseph Tourville 14, and farm laborer Henry LeShan.  The 1860 census does not list family relationships, but this older Joseph may be Charles’ brother, who was born in 1846. 

In 1870, the family still lived in Chategay, and the farm was valued at $1000, with personal property at $300.  Charles 42 and Julia 40 reported they were born in Canada, while the children were all born in NY.  Henry is out of the household.  The children are Charles Jr, 19, Lewis 14, Joseph 12, George 10, Louisa 7, Jane 5, and Albert age 5 months. 

I was not able to find Charles and Julia in the 1880 census.  They should have been in Chateaugay, but we know that Charles did go to Colorado for a while.  I have not seen evidence that Julia went with him. 

1900 census lists Charles with birth date of June 1828, and Julia with birthday April 1830.  They have been married 53 years, with ten children, nine still living. Son William had been born in 1872, but only lived about 4 months. Charles lists his occupation as farmer.  The household includes son Albert, age 30 married (but no wife named), and granddaughters Cora Giroux and Martha Tourville. 

The family moved off the farm and into town about 1901.  Julia’s husband Charles died in 1907. 

In 1910, Julia lived with her son Albert and family.  Her granddaughter Cora Geroux was also in the household.  Julia’s age was recorded as 80, with ten children born, nine still living. 

Julia Tourville died 25 September 1917 at her home on East Main Street, age given as 88.  She was described as a woman of kindly instincts, a favorite neighbor and friend and one who always held the high esteem and regard of all.  She is survived by two daughers:  Mrs. J.A. Lombard of Lebanon NH, Mrs. C.P.Gerue of Aetna NH; six sons, Henry of Sparta, Charles of Oklahoma, George of St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec, and Louis, Joseph, and Albert of Chateaugay.  Funeral services were held at her home.

(Above record copied from the Chateaugay Record, Sept 25, 1917)   Charles and Julia are buried at St Patrick’s cemetery, in Chateaugay, NY.


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