Samuel Skelton m Susanna Travis 29 April 1619

Samuel Skelton was born 26 February 1592 in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, England, son of William and Sarah Skelton. 

Susanna Travis was born about 11 September 1597, in Horbling, Lincolnshire, England.  Her father’s name was William, but her mother’s name is unknown to me. 

Samuel had received his degree at Cambridge University.  He was rector of the Sempringham church. Lincolnshire, from about 1618 for three or more years. This church is a relic of Norman architecture to which a tower was added in 1425.

Samuel and Susanna married 29 April 1619, in Sempringham, Lincolnshire, England.  Samuel and Susanna had a daughter, my ancestor Mary, born 28 Jun 1627, in Tattersall, Lincolnshire, England, and four other children.  Samuel brought his family to Massachusetts Bay in 1629, on the ship “George Bonaventure.” He was the first pastor in Salem MA when that church was organized on 20 July 1629.  Samuel also had a land grant at Salem. 

Susanna died in Salem on 15 March 1630:  “Upon the eighteenth day of March came one from Salem and told us that upon the fifteenth thereof there died Mrs. Skelton, the wife of the other minister there, who, about eighteen or twenty days before, handling cold things in a sharp morning, put herself into a most violent fit of the wind colic and vomiting, which continuing, she at length fell into a fever and so died as before. She was a godly and an helpful woman, and indeed the main pillar of her family, having left behind her an husband and four children, weak and helpless, who can scarce tell how to live without her. She lived desired and died lamented, and well deserves to be honorably remembered”

Samuel died 2 August 1634 in Salem.  His house passed to the ownership of his son-in-law, Nathaniel Felton, and other property was divided up among his children.


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