Daniel Dodge d 30 April 1740

Daniel Dodge was born 26 April, 1677, in Wenham, MA, son of Richard Dodge and Mary Eaton.  He graduated at Harvard College in 1700, being the first graduate by the name of Dodge in New England.

In 1703, Dec. 1st, his father, Richard, by deed of gift (v, 19 p. 3) conveyed to his son Daniel Dodge of Wenham, clerk, my now dwelling house and the dwelling house standing in the same yard with it, my cyder mill, outhousing, barns, together with my homestead lot in Wenham, being by estimation 50 acres more or less. Also all that 30 acres I bought of Capt. Wm. Dixey of Beverly and all that 12 acres, more or less, of meadow, I bought of brother John Dodge, lying southerly of Long Ham meadow.” Also all my piece of meadow in said Long Ham, bordering on the aforementioned 30 acres and extending in length from the bridge southwest of my house quite to the cross fence as it now standeth, containing 5 acres more or less. Likewise all “the Island” which I purchased of Mr. Robert Bradford of said Beverly, lying north easterly from Long Ham River and bounded on the N. E. by Town Common land of Wenham. Also 30 acres called the “Cow Pasture” in Wenham, which I bought of Nath.Waldern and Goodman Hobbs of said town. “Provided ” only my son Daniel shall allow his brothers. Richard and ” William right of way etc.,through the “Cow Pasture’as the ” path now is and same right to William over a part of the ” homestead. I give said Daniel my common rights of land ” in Common land of Wenham and one Common Right. ‘ bought of Abraham Masters in Town Commonage of “Manchester. Also one-third part of all my marsh, upper ” and lower, and landing marsh which be in Che” bacco in Ipswich, excepting only the marsh bought ” of Capt. Thomas Rayment, and that part of my marsh ” near Wid. Fellows marsh in Hogg Island marshes in ” Chebacco; viz: that part which Richard has occupied for ” divers years past, excepting also 4 acres of marsh in ” Chebacco marshes which I bought of James Burnham in ” Ipswich. Further, I give Daniel 110 trees on my 100 ” acres which by deed of even date I have given to my son ” William Dodge. Likewise I give Daniel my negro boy ” and all cattle, horses, sheep, swine, money, goods and ” chattels not otherwise disposed of.

In January, 1702-3 he was engaged as a teacher at Beverly and again in September 1706.

He married Joanna Burnham, 20 June, 1706. In 1715, he was chosen schoolmaster of Reading for 3 years at 30 pounds per year.

About two years before his death he gave his son, Daniel of Wenham, husbandman, the house “he now lives in” and the “orchard joining to it,” and also another piece of orchard on the westerly side of the river.

Daniel died 30 April 1740 in Wenham. 

His will, dated 28 April, 1740, two days before his death, was very long and elaborate, and as it was witnessed by Rev. John Warren, Samuel Kimball and William Dodge (probably his brother), it was probably written by his pastor, Rev. John Warren. He gave his wife Joanna (Burnham), all personal estate, except farming tools and implements of husbandry and his carpenter’s tools, which he gave to his son David. He gave his wife the use of David’s share till he became of age of 21 years. He prescribed the amount of provisions which should be delivered to her annually by Daniel, and by David after he became of age, so long as she remained his widow, a limitation which probably took effect when she married Samuel Kimball, 30 June, 1741. Daniel’s will gave her the use of the buildings so far as she could use them, and required Daniel, Jr., to pay for her comfortable and honorable support and subsistence. In case she should marry, all the privileges granted were to cease, and in case she resigned her right of dower, Daniel and David were to pay her fifty pounds each.  Joshua was to pay her 40 shillings per annum from the time he became of age.

He gave his son James £150. He gave his son Joshua the house and land in Beverly which had been bought of Benj. Woodberry, Joshua to pay £200 to the executor and 40 shillings per annum to his mother.  He gave his daughter Joanna £5.

He gave Daniel, Jr., the house and lands which the latter had occupied. To David he gave the homestead and divided the remaining lands between them.

To his daughter Mary £100 to be paid by Daniel and David.  The enumeration of the tracts of lands which he gave his sons indicates that he was well to do in respect to real estate, and that he was not much in debt. He was deacon of church. His wife Joanna and son Daniel were his executors.


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