Perley Lecount Woodward m Hattie E Pollard 2 May 1878

Perley Woodward was born 9 May 1857 in Woodstock VT, son of Benjamin Woodward and Polly Lecount.  The family was counted in the 1860 census in Woodstock.  Benjamin had a farm valued at $400, and personal property at $50.  By 1870, the family had moved to Bridgewater.  His father and older brother worked in a woolen mill.  Benjamin again owned real estate valued at $400 and personal property of $200, but no longer claimed farming as his occupation.  Perley didn’t have an occupation, but was listed “at home”.  Hopefully that meant in school.

Harriet E Pollard was born in April, 1858, in Woodstock, VT, daughter of Cephas Pollard and Miranda Corey.  She can be found in the 1860 census just a few families away from the Woodwards.  Her father was a day laborer, with real estate valued at $100 and personal property at $25.  In 1870, Hattie was living with Sally Corey and Salame LaCount.  Sally’s occupation was “keeping house”.  Her real estate was valued at $850, and personal property at $450.  Sally is identified in a later census as aunt of Perley, and she is probably Sara Woodward born 1816, who married Phineas Corey.  Salome appears to be Perley’s mother Polly’s mother Salome Palmer LaCount. 

Perley and Hattie married 2 May 1878 in Bridgewater.  They can be found in the 1880 census in Woodstock living next door to Benjamin and Polly Woodward.  Perley was a laborer.

Perley and Hattie had sons – Willis Rayburn (1885-1961), Perley Leroy (1887-1863) and Frank Delian (1882-1967). Other researchers may come across a birth record for Frank listing him as son of Benjamin Woodward and Gertrude Rose Boutwell, but this index card as found on is incorrect. When the state required the town clerks to send in index cards with information extracted from the original records, his actual record in Woodstock was apparently mis-transcribed by the clerk giving him the wrong parents from the line adjacent to his, for Lena Woodward, his cousin. The family was in the 1900 census in Woodstock.  Perley was a farmer, and according to the census, both he and Hattie could read and write.

By 1910, the family had moved to Lebanon and lived on Church street.  Perley worked as a carder in a woolen mill, and his three sons were weavers.  Even Frank’s first wife Edith worked in the mill.  It is easy to see how the closing of one of these mills could have a significant detrimental effect on their way of living.  Hattie’s brother Charles and family lived with them and he was also a mill worker.  Also in the household was Perley’s aunt Sally Corey, age 94!

Perley and Hattie still lived in Lebanon in 1920, at 112 School street, just down from George and Helen Labor.  Their son Frank D Woodward would later marry George’s sister Bessie. 

Perley died 20 March 1923 in Lebanon.  Hattie died 1 December 1924. 

So, Ray, if Hattie’s mother was Miranda Cory/Corey, what relationship was Miranda to Phineas Corey, and if Aunt Sally was Sarah Woodward, what relationship was Sally to Perley?


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