Stephen Gates m Anne Veare 5 May 1628

Stephen Gates was born about 1600, the second son of Thomas Gates of Norwich, Norfolk County, England.  He married Anne Veare on 5 March 1628 In Hingham, England, They moved to Hingham, Massachusetts Bay, America, arriving in 1638 on the sailing ship “Diligent” of Ipswich, England.  The family at that point included his wife Anne, and two children.  More were born in Massachusetts.

He moved to Lancaster MA at the settlement of that place, then moved to Cambridge, MA where he died in 1662. His will was dated June 9, 1662, and proved October 7, 1662. 

Mr. H.S.Nourse, in his book “Early Records of Lancaster” speaks of Stephen Gates and his family:  “The Gates blood seems to have been of decided tropical nature.  The daughter, Mary, very boldly contradicted the minister in the public assembly.  Steven Gates quarreled with his neighbors, the Whitcombes, was deprived of his constable’s staff, and moved away from Lancaster after less than three years’ residence.  He died at Cambridge in 1662, and his sons attempted, without success, to break his will, alleging that their father was not of disposing mind.”

This “tropical nature” of the Gates blood was evidently a heritable element, for they were fighters in the Indian and Colonial wars.  They were active in the Revolutionary wars, one of the commencing his service at ten years of age.  In the war of 1812, they rallied around the flag they had helped to create.  Of the Mexican war we have little record, but it is evident that their swords flashed upon its battle fields and a record of their services in the war of the Rebellion would fill an ample book. 

By his will, Stephen, the eldest son, received the house and lot in Lancaster.  His wife and son Simon received his place in Cambridge, his son Thomas was to remain with them at this pleasure.  Ann, the widow of Stephen Gates, married Richard Woodward, of Watertown, Mass, in 1663.  Ann resumed the name of Gates on the death of Richard Woodward (1665) and died at Stow, Mass February 5, 1682/3.

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